Time to do the math – is it worth buying the Dungeon Pass for 1495 RP? It’s time to find out!

Let’s start with a few things – what’s in the Dungeon Pass?

  • Arcade Poro Ward.
  • Arcade Poro icon.
  • Gem.
  • Good Ball.
  • Game Start: Brand’s mission chain.
  • Game Start: Ziggs Mission Series.
  • Game Start: Malzahar’s mission chain.
  • Daily Missions.

The daily missions are for everyone, as are the Veigar and Blitzcrank mission chains.

What is the value of the above items?

  • A totem and an icon are things worth a lot to some and nothing to others – these two things will be remembered.
  • A jewel – the value of this cannot be counted “just like that”. Of course, you could say 1 Gem = 195 RP, since we can exchange such a Gem for a key and box set, for (big) simplification we will say 1 Gem = 195 RP, but keep one thing in mind: this is a simplification and it’s quite big. If you are missing 1 gem for Hextech Annie – this gem could be worth much, much more.
  • Good Orb = 150 RP.
  • 3x missions = 350 tickets, there are several variants here:

If we wanted to spend these tickets on “The Good Ball”, we could buy as many as 4 of them, which translates to 150×4 = 600 RP – not much, right?

However, if we wanted to spend those Prime Orb tickets, we could buy 3 of them (we’d be short of 10 tickets, but we’re counting the pass here), which is 250×3 = 750 RP (and close to 1000 RP).

Let’s also not forget that from Malzahar’s start and end missions we can get one Good Orb and a Mega Orb, which are worth 150 and 295 RP respectively.

Let’s sum it all up

195 + 150 + 600 or 750 + 150 + 295 = 1390 or 1540 RP

Time for a brief explanation of the title of this article and the equation itself – why is it not worth buying a pass? Because of a few reasons:

  • First, we don’t have full control over what we get.

Yes, yes – we get tickets, great … but we have to remember that in this simple equation I also included swapping a gem for a set and Good Orbs, which … are quite average – it’s kind of equivalent to a crate, we’re not 100% sure if we will drop a shard skins, we might as well get a champion shard or an icon – meh, meh.

As for the Eminent Orb – I previously wrote a short text about their drop rate, you can read it:

  • Great or Mega Orb? We have data from 1000 orbs!


  • Eminent Orbs can drop really good loot, worth +1350 RP.

So – is it worth taking the Pass?

If we care only about skins – no. The better choice is to buy 6x Eminent Orbs, why? In the case of the Pass, we have a chance of up to 4 ZK (you know what orb it stands for), which gives us 1000 RP. Gem and the rest (i.e. icon, ward) = at your discretion, it’s worth remembering that a normal chest can drop a champion shard as well. 2x Good Orb and Mega Orb? Everything can fall out of DK, and MK contains only legacy skins.

Oh, and the most important thing – to complete these missions, we must devote our time.

And now it all comes down to one thing:

  • If we have time and we want to play, we know that we will do all the missions and we will gladly take in some new skins and possible champion shards – ok, you can safely take the Dungeon Pass.
  • However, if we just want to open Excellent Orbs – it’s better to buy them and not bother with missions that can be annoying sometimes (seriously).

@edit: True, mb – daily missions are only available in the Mini Dungeon Pass/Dungeon Pass – it doesn’t change the fact that it still gives 10 x 9 days (atm) = 90 tickets – still not worth buying the Pass unless you we will have time and do all the missions