Dontnod comes with Twin Mirror and Metal Wolf Chaos teased by Devolver.

So, recovered from the first presentation? We don’t care because it’s E3 so it won’t stop! In a nice new WKNDW8 we have news especially for you about what Dontnod is doing now and about a game from the past that will return in the future.

June 10th, folks. GOOD MORNING! We are fully in E3, your Wait is overdosing on Valdispert Rust from the tension and that is only positive because SENSE IN. Well, on June 10, 1610, the first Dutch settlers settled in Manhattan, and today in 1935, Alcoholic Anonymous was founded. In 1943 (pass ?!) László Bíró today applied for a patent on the ballpoint pen. Your Guard climbs into that pen for a moment, because she’s going to let a storm of news plump down on you.

Dontnod comes with Twin Mirror and Metal Wolf Chaos teased by Devolver

Twin Mirror is the new one from Dontnod

Vampyr has only just been released and Dontnod has already announced what the studio’s new project is. It’s about Twin Mirror, a completely new IP set in West Virginia. It is a psychological thriller that will be released in 2019. You play Sam, a young man who returns to his hometown for the funeral of his best friend. At the same time, he also has a heartbreak, so it is a tough time for the man. He also wakes up with a bloody shirt and amnesia! #heavylife How that will end, we will experience in 2019 when Twin Mirror is released.

Dontnod comes with Twin Mirror and Metal Wolf Chaos teased by Devolver

Metal Wolf Chaos teased by Devolver

FromSoftware once made Metal Wolf Chaos, an epic game that still has some sort of hero status. The mech-shooter seems to be back again, if we are to believe at least the tease from Devolver Digital. They tweet the following. If you think: this could be anything, right? Sure, but in January 2016 it already tweeted “Count us in to help Metal Wolf Chaos get out to more gamers if From Software wants some help. #FreeMetalWolf ”. Je Wacht is betting that we will get more clarity on this in the coming days.

Ubi CEO: “After the next generation of consoles: cloud”

What comes after that PlayStation 5, that Xbox Awesome and Nintendo Frufru (or make up your own better)? The CEO of Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot, thinks he knows: cloud! In an interview with Variety, he said: “There will be a new generation, but it will be less and less hardware. There will probably be a console after the next generation, and it just streams everything. ” A remarkable statement, given that streaming services such as PlayStation Now are not very popular now. On the other hand, it will take a while for the consoles to appear, so by then the CEO may be right. After all, we are talking about 2027 here!

Dontnod comes with Twin Mirror and Metal Wolf Chaos teased by Devolver

New Desert Child trailer out for E3

Solo game maker Oscar Brittain has released a new trailer for his sci-fi shooter racer Desert Child. It has its own identity, but with old school pixels. You can expect it in the fall of this year on PC, Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Valve has taken the Active Shooter game offline anyway

This Guard told you recently that Valve has decided to allow everything on Steam, as long as it didn’t go too far. Apparently Active Shooter is going too far, because Valve has decided to take the game offline. According to spokesperson Doug Lombardi, the game has been taken offline because it is a troll, which was created to provoke people and cause conflict. In addition, the game also contains copyright infringement. A lot of simulators have also been pulled from Steam since the new policy came in: AIDS Simulator and Suicide Simulator, for example. Valve sees this as trolls.

Dontnod comes with Twin Mirror and Metal Wolf Chaos teased by Devolver

Droll in Ghost Giant

Sony has announced that Ghost Giant is coming. That is a game that is now being developed at Fe studio Zoink! and which appears exclusively for PSVR. It’s unclear when, but it’s a puzzle adventure game reminiscent of Moss. Willik!

PlayStation has a nice shop at E3 again

There is always a PlayStation store at E3. Just ask Florian! This time there are also great things for sale, of which Sony has given a preview. It concerns items from God of War, The Last of Us Party II and Death Stranding for example:

Heavy music in Indivisible trailer

Be careful not to blow up your speakers or your ears when watching the trailer below. It’s that of Indivisible, the new action RPG from Lab Zero (Skullgirls). The game is expected on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC in 2019.

Dontnod comes with Twin Mirror and Metal Wolf Chaos teased by Devolver

Cool mod makes Mario and Bowser fight in Zelda

Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a game that modders know well to find. Now there is a really cool mod made by Trollsquad57, which puts Mario and Bowser in direct opposition to each other. And .. they are also going to fight. Mario is actually Link so doesn’t move quite like you are used to from mustache man, but otherwise this is very realistic, in video games than:

Han Solo Season 2 trailer of Star Wars Battlefront is beautiful

Have you checked Han Solo in the cinema yet? How wonderful to see the Millennium Falcon in action, and Lando of course. If you still play a lot of Star Wars Battlefront 2, but even if you don’t, you will enjoy the trailer below for the Han Solo Season 2 trailer even more:

Simon Pegg is going to direct a movie!

Simon Pegg has been in the spotlight in recent years with audiences as well as movie bosses. You saw it in Ready Player One and you are going to see it in Mission Impossible – Fallout and Terminal. But, now the Brit is going to do something different. He gets behind the camera instead of in front of it. Not as a cameraman madman, he will be a director! He has received a script from Nira Park and filming will start in November. He told Empire it’s going to be a movie, but that must be a joke.

Dontnod comes with Twin Mirror and Metal Wolf Chaos teased by Devolver

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom E3 trailer is here

While enjoying a lovely song you can enjoy Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, which is a kind of cartoon in game form. It looks very nice and will be released on Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this year.

Didyouknowgaming delves into the Super Smash Bros. gossip

That there is always a lot of gossip about new games, that’s really cool: anticipation! However, there is so much gossip about some games that at some point you don’t even believe the truth. Didyouknowgaming dives into the history of Super Smash Bros. this week Enjoy!

Pepsiman, there he was again! Always nice to see him again. Your Guard continues again, because E3 is ON. Enjoy it, don’t get overheated and your Wait wishes you a good day today!

Dontnod comes with Twin Mirror and Metal Wolf Chaos teased by Devolver