How much woe is there in unhappiness? That’s the big question, because while we love the sound of a loaded shotgun in the morning, Doom was more than that. describes the new Doom Eternal as a shooting puzzle.

You enter a large twisted room full of enemies, ammo, and life. How do I move from where to avoid opponents, get items and be able to shoot from favorable positions along the way. No matter the lower difficulty levels, a few work reflexes and mouse / keyboard or pad coordination are sufficient, but at higher levels it takes more than that. Either a natural disposition to solve the riddle without returning to it, or a planned tactical approach, drawn from knowledge acquired through trial and error. Anyone who calls out Doom or other shooters of that primitive class has never really played them. Which isn’t to say that there aren’t some primitive shooters, Doom 3 would be such a candidate, but certainly not the worst by far.

Doom Eternal wants to take the whole game to another level, however, as Stratton’s base comparison calls for a completely different genre at first glance: Tournament Brawler. Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and so on. It’s less absurd than you might think if you look at the starting point. In such a game, you can’t wait, you have to act. Compared to a CoD or Gears, for example, where life insurance involves crouching behind a blanket. In a brawler, you always have to hit the man – or the woman or the alien or the lightning god – and hit the punches faster than him. It doesn’t really work out of the blue, you need tactics and a plan, and most importantly, never a break.

Doom Eternal does this by always bringing you the monsters. No one is sitting here, everyone is always in touch and you need to do the same, because instead of distributing ammo, armor and energy around the room like before, 90% are demons. The Glory-Kill has been known and popular since Doom 206. Shoot or defeat a demon until it ignites, then kill it in close combat and get bonus items. This has now been taken to the extreme. Killing Glory brings you life energy. If you have enough gas for the chainsaw in the tank, you can hit it and collect Muni. Easier said than done, the tank fills slowly and cans are rarely dispensed. And finally, you have the Burp of Flames, a pocket-sized flamethrower that drops enemy armor. Everything you need, just get it.

The relentless attacks then ensure that you are always running towards the enemy. Or walk away from him back. Or dive to the side between small passages to find a better position. But what you never do – or only for about three seconds until the game ends – stops. If that sounds a bit like stress: Oh yes! I’ve seen seasoned colleagues who completely let the controller down and walked away because they couldn’t cope with the fact that there just wasn’t a fight interrupt in Doom Eternal. No waiting and looking, no looking at the moment behind a pillar. Your ultimately mystified superhero Doom-Guy was built to take things apart and you have to respect that! Stratton calls it the imagination of power and it fits pretty well. As difficult as the shooter puzzle is, you never feel weak or exposed. The game is quite capable of getting you close to the tools in the first few hours, and after an hour it’s already gone through your blood that it’s to flash opponents and pick them up. By practically crossing them, from one to the other. Doom 2016’s Aracde mode has dropped to 11, at least in the best moments.

It helps tremendously that id managed to bulk up Doom-Guy at the same time, so he never felt disembodied in the movement, but at the same time, he became much more agile. Thanks to the double jump, dashboard and subsequent grip hooks, you can move quickly through the field, use teleporters, and there hasn’t been a moment of sluggishness. By being slower than I should be. Never one in which my planned maneuvers around demons were slowed down by inelegant control functions. A shooter has rarely succeeded so naturally, smoothly, but at the same time with gravity and brutality. Unsurprisingly, this also applies to returns to weapons, a discipline that seems mastered as before.

The weapons themselves can be further developed in two stages and upgraded in several, to the point that the assault rifle can then spit out an unlimited number of mini-missiles. It seems a little overwhelming at first, but on the one hand, there are a lot of leveling points and then meeting the beasts isn’t easier. If enemies come later who are in no way inferior to you in terms of damage potential, are more agile, and bring a plasma ax, the rockets may be too small anyway. It won’t be reloaded, which somewhat confuses trained and unintentionally targeted reflexes, unless you haven’t set a telescopic sight on this button. You shoot the magazine all at once and as a hapless guy you don’t have to go the distance you normally aim for. Everything fits perfectly with the raw playstyle id is aiming for and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Even though I was constantly pushing the button to load the chainsaw, as huge shooters taught me.

In battle, Doom Eternal is everything I hoped for and more. Other than that… well, there isn’t much, but if there is so little, then you can do a little running class too, you were probably thinking. Going from one abbreviated platform to another with a double jump and a double dash on the lava doesn’t sound so much Doom now and it was also the weakest passages. First, the dash is not always as precise as you would like in such situations, and second, the level design was not always clear where it was going. Whether the levels nestle, even have hidden battle areas ready, everything is cool and I can already see myself spending hours trying to get a seemingly unreachable 1Up. But before that, this kind of game doesn’t want to wonder where the path might be to the next horde of opponents. Not the game for that, although I don’t want to overdo it, like a little break to take a deep breath these excursions through hell are good enough without weapons.

What you see there fits perfectly into this world of omnipotent fantasies, in which humanity can only be saved as a beaten princess. Everything is destroyed on earth and in hell is just what priests need to summon demons. Of this compilation mix of Slayer’s visualized line and bio-cyber-mixed demons, only the villains stand out, who have seemingly found their way out of a Korean MMO crusher. It should probably look like an angel somehow, but not really in Doom. Well, let’s see what their levels have to offer later. Maybe everything will always come together as it should. The story was going well, I was almost interested. Mainly because it had rarely been more than 30 seconds since someone had said something really important. I don’t know what exactly, it didn’t sound that relevant, but it was a lot of fun. If that sounds too thin: Has anyone ever played Doom for the plot? Much more important are: 60 images on all platforms. And a few more on PC.

Doom Eternal wants it brutal. No one cares about the murders or the blood anymore. It’s about relentlessly chasing all enemies, no pause, no cover. You are forced to always move, not from cover to cover, but directly from enemy to enemy. All in beautiful arenas, with the aim of breaking a puzzle whose solution is to develop tactics transformed into reflexes. You dance through demons, you can hardly call it anything else. It’s the opposite of the casual shooter and I hope that after my two hours of playing it won’t be postponed again – it’s a trend this year. I want to keep playing this. Now.

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