‘DOOM Eternal’, opinions after first contact

After an hour of play, a boy from Bethesta comes up and taps me on the shoulder to tell me that time is up. I take off the headphones and I feel like my heart rate is at a thousand an hour. The same boy looks at me, smiles and says “brutal right? Welcome to h**l on Earth! “. I don’t know what expression he has seen on my face.

In summary, ‘DOOM Eternal’ It is a savagery that will not only have us crush demons at an unbridled rate, but will also crush our brains as we try to escape, kill, survive and figure out what is going on. And is that if we could describe ‘DOOM Eternal’ with a single word, this would be ‘insane’.

During the past E3 2019 We had the opportunity to play a demo of ‘DOOM Eternal’, which allowed us to get a closer look at what will be the bombing of Bethesda and id Software for this 2019. A ‘DOOM’ that feels in excellent shape and more beast than ever.

Doom Slayer, the perfect killing machine

In our case, we play a demo of the PC version of ‘DOOM Eternal’ with keyboard and mouse. Before kicking off the action, the guys at Bethesda gave us a brief introduction of what we would find. The demo had a kind of tutorial that helped us familiarize ourselves with the movements, weapons and new abilities of our beloved ‘Doomguy’.

This tutorial is appreciated, since once in action there is no time to breathe or try to investigate how we make a certain movement. And is that now Doom Slayer feels more agile, speedy and skilledIn fact, one of the developers told us that ‘DOOM Eternal’ is no longer an FPS, they now consider it a ‘power fantasy combat puzzle’. In other words, a kind of platform shooter with puzzles and powerful fantasy combat.

Doom Slayer now climbs walls, does double jumps, balances on tubes and flying demons, has more weapons and also, lhe ‘Glory Kills’ animations are more brutal than ever. We can cut demons in half using the chainsaw, hit heads to burst them or put them in their body, as well as stick a knife through their throats until they pierce their eyes. Come on, the brutality continues and it shines in all its splendor.

Before starting to play we were warned, “they are going to die a lot”, and it is that it is a true massacre that does not remain in killing to kill, but now we have a new addition of strategy for managing resources, and where the action is now also vertical. Which means that we will have to worry about where we are going thinking about what is higher up and not just in front or behind.

‘DOOM Eternal’ at the start may seem overwhelming due to the amount of skills we have available, impossible to learn all of them at first. And actually the folks at Bethesda mentioned to us that the intention is for the Doom Slayer to be armed to the teeth and be the perfect killing machine.

The new resource management

In the original DOOM, and subsequent ones, our only concern was killing. Well, in ‘DOOM Eternal’ this changes a bit since the developers decided to put a kind of resource management that will make us plan our strategy more carefully. It is no longer about killing for killing.

We will have to plan and take care of the resources related to our health, ammunition and armor, and each action will make us obtain a certain resource to keep us in the game. For example, if we want armor we have to burn demons with the flamethrower; If you want ammunition, we need the chainsaw; to obtain health we will make use of the incredible ‘Glory Kills’. But the best of all is that we can mix all this to make a mix which at the beginning sounds complex, but to which we will gradually get used to it.

Demons live!

Another important novelty that we will find in ‘DOOM Eternal’ is something they have called “system of destructible demons”. And yes, it is just how it sounds, since now when we face a demon, it will receive more or less damage depending on where we shoot it. In addition, his body will show the marks of our shots or damage that we inflict.

It might sound simple, but it’s chaos since each demon is different and responds in a certain way to our attacks. For example, it might sound logical to aim for the head … nope, since this will make the demon go crazy, not die and shoot frantically and even lunge at us to fight melee.

‘DOOM Eternal’, opinions after first contact

So the recommendation is aim your weapon first and neutralize what hurts us from a distance, and later think about ending him using, if possible, a ‘Glory Kills’. I learned this the hard way and after dying an absurd amount of times.

With this new system we will have to learn how each of the enemies works, since everyone reacts differently to our attacks and any failure will end in a massacre.

In short, we cannot stop moving, there is not much time to think, we must choose the right weapon and skill, and remember how to kill certain demons. Overwhelming? Undoubtedly. And it is that the slightest mistake will make our battle plan die, literally.

Character and level design takes an important step forward

Yes, DOOM’s story has never been its strong suit, but hey, it’s not that we need it that much. But for those who ask, in this installment the Doom Slayer will have to “stop the demonic invasion that threatens our Solar System.”

id Software excelled at creating majestic scenery filled with destruction and chaos, where we can see from space bases, to snowy mountains and castles with a lot of detail.

Enemies now look more stylized, with higher levels of expression and response to attacks, in addition to the aforementioned ‘Glory Kills’ animations, which are a blast.

‘DOOM Eternal’, opinions after first contact

Bethesda promises us that levels have now been designed to have more action and new levels of exploration, but in this demo we couldn’t exploit this. In fact the level we played felt quite linear with options that weren’t available, forcing us to take only one path to face the horde of demons.

Within all this, the guys from Bethesda claim that we will be before the widest arsenal of the saga. During this beta we had access to seven weapons, not counting the flamethrower and the chainsaw, so it seems that we will have a great variety to choose how to riddle demons.

Finally, music is once again a key piece in ‘DOOM Eternal’, which is provided by Mick gordon and his metal compositions full of unbridled drums, which are a perfect method to accelerate the rhythm of our heart and burst our heads.

It has everything to be the best ‘shooter’ of the year

In this first contact, ‘DOOM Eternal’ has left us pleasantly surprised and wanting more. This new installment respects the classic mechanics but adds elements that make it more brutal, gore and highly explosive. Its rhythm will barely let us breathe and is that once we are in the shoes of the Doom Slayer everything happens so fast that it is difficult to digest everything that happens around.

‘DOOM Eternal’ is not only going to kill without mercy, but now it will also demand the best of us, since we will have to think fast and be extremely agile to be able to withstand the rhythm of destruction and death.

We still have a lot to know, both about the solo game and its new 2v1 multiplayer mode, which seems like an interesting addition that will give a twist to the franchise, since for the first time we will be able to put ourselves in the shoes of a demon.

‘DOOM Eternal’ will be released next November 22th for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia.

‘DOOM Eternal’, opinions after first contact

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