There is a sequence that I think sums up Doom Eternal perfectly.
Imagine a shot full of enemies. Suddenly, a Cacodemon appears, this emblematic – and cyclopean – enemy of the saga. If we can make a grenade or an explosive goblet we will let it tender glory kill in which the Doom Slayer will grab his eye with all his might and rip it out with such nastiness that it looks like someone is stretching a rubber duck to unblock its head. This mix of brutality, poise, hooliganism and self-awareness that Doom Eternal boasts is an example of how well this ID software 2020 has taken the measure of the material it works with and how from which he weaves a video game that not only wants to be a worthy heir to the games that gave birth to the saga, but seeks to claim a position of honor within the franchise which has laid many foundations of the genre.
And is that from the first bars you can breathe this respect for their predecessors. The setting is exactly the same as in Doom II: Hell has invaded Earth and, how could it be otherwise, we are dealing with a demonic extermination or here we are not responsible for this or for God. To make matters worse, when we get to the massacre, the start is exactly the same as the first ID card of the aforementioned masterpiece. One piece, three enemies who will soon become corpses and us. Although there is a small difference here: our basic weapon is the shotgun. Sacrilege, where is the weapon? Well, we don’t know, but honestly it doesn’t matter much because, as any good FPS player knows, shooters are measured by their shotgun. And it is always of supreme quality. Thus, with these basketworks begins a title in which the fight remains solid as a rock.

Because the aforementioned Doom Eternal combat maintains the principles that made the 2016 reboot great: extreme dynamism, breakneck speed, and weapon strength and personality, but improving on aspects that in this section were more anecdotal and which along with the system proposed in this title, they become absolutely essential. The clashes are closer, faster and more brutal because the amount of ammo we can carry is much less and to pass our enemies through the chainsaw or to execute them brutally is a must if we are to restock and keep dancing around. them while we run good. nasty messages over their heads. It helps a lot that the enemy’s ranks and targets are more different than ever before and there is clearly some hellish fodder that just heads into battle with no mission other than taking a good slash or testing the grease. of our chainsaws to unleash something that sustains us in our noble cause.
Of course, not all hell soldiers will be so collaborative. In fact, it’s better that when the infernal knight, the arachnotrons or a ghost appear we are clear on their weaknesses or what we’re going to do to remove their infernal presence or we’re going to have a really bad time. Not only because they have a bad habit of spawning in a group, but because, and this is another detail to keep in mind, each enemy does a lot of damage with their attacks, so imagine the most powerful .

But for the powerful, the framework in which this new journey of the Doom Slayer fits. At the same level, you go from a section with open areas and Olympian-scale architecture from God of War to a more closed and saturated color area that reminds you of the hell you visited in the previous section. And all with artistic direction and a spectacular and colorful design that presents scenarios that, unbeknownst to you, reinforce the rhythm of the confrontations and that perpetual movement necessary to emerge victorious from the infernal hordes. And, accompanying, the music. And what music, dear readers. Metal tears streamed down my cheeks. Any word you say fades to the chords of a raging Mick Gordon who makes clashes a real adrenaline rush. With no listening to the entire soundtrack, I suspect we may be dealing with a better on-board composition, if possible.
And it is that, in short, the feeling that I took to be able to benefit from Doom Eternal is a complete satisfaction. From the experience of a combat system that took all the good of Doom 2016, strengthened it, and found new ways to make it even more brutal, gore, and badass. Because, basically, it’s Doom Eternal: moving at absurd speeds while crushing huge amounts of demons in the most brutal way possible with more TRVË heavy metal banging your ears and feeling like the master of ‘a universe in which you aliens shake hands, HR Giger and Slayer inside a pentagram painted on the floor of a Mars base with the blood of an elf. Because our passage through Earth is fleeting but Doom is eternal.

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