DOOM’s return in 2016 was some of the best news for the industry. The title that managed to define the FPS hand in hand with id Software was a milestone in its day and 2020 has seen the light of DOOM Eternal arrive from the depths of h**l.

In 1994, the work reached SEGA 32X, hardware that managed to turn the Sega Mega Drive into a 32-bit console. That was the essential requirement to be able to play the title on the machine.

Now a user named Krikzz has accomplished a feat unthinkable in the 1990s. Thanks to a Mega EverDrive cartridge, he accomplishedRun a Linux version of DOOM on the legendary Sega Mega Drive. As it is.

If you ever wonder how doom may work on bare genesis hardware then here is the answer: Funny port based on linux doom sources is already here (:
Sources and ROMs on my github:

– krikzz (@krikzz) December 2, 2020

Of course, the console is not prepared to support such potential, for what DOOM appears as a gray rectangle on the screen, moving at a much slower speed than necessary to enjoy the title.

Little else can the Mega Drive support, beyond the main menu and the first level, since with the presence of enemies the machine suffers a great deal to resist. In any case, DOOM Eternal It is now available on the Xbox Game Pass subscription service, and its arrival on Nintendo Switch has been confirmed. As if that were not enough, it has also been nominated as one of the GOTY for The Game Awards 2020.

DOOM returns to the retro world after a player has managed to make the title work on a Sega Mega Drive