Download Manager 3.0.

Download Manager, an application that is characterized for being the best download multitasker. With Download Manager being a great download manager as far as applications are concerned, this is definitely the best. Through Download Manager you will be able to download files with the simple use of your iPhone device,

Immediately after completing the download, allow yourself to enjoy, view and share your files. Through your document exchange you can also share it through your email, thus facilitating the management of your documents. Without a doubt, this is the best download manager so far, no longer wait for hours to enjoy a movie, perhaps an audio file or simply obtain an important document or image. Just get Download Manager and never worry about these unforeseen events again.


Download Manager 3.0
  • Airplay support.
  • Support for Retina Display.
  • Web navigator:
  • The basic functions like back, forward, set your home page.
  • Tap and hold on an image to download it.
  • Long press on a link to force download the program.
  • Save the current page (not just HTML include images)
  • Show All Images: Show all images on the current page to make it easy to download images.
  • Show All Links: Show all links on the current page for easy downloading.
  • Bookmark: Bookmark the current page and add, delete, edit, arrange bookmarks.
  • Address
  • Auto completion bar.
  • Built-in Bookmarklets for more power.
  • Download Manager:

Download Manager allows you to manage your downloads with the download manager component. You can:

  • ADD, DELETE, RESUME, reload, stop a download point.
  • View the properties of the item Download as: Size, Full Size, speed, percentage and remaining time.
  • Clear all completes and error items.
  • Badge value of the number of active downloads.
  • Sound notification for full download.
  • File Manager:
  • Download Manager allows you to manage your downloaded files with the File Manager component. You can:
  • Delete, move and rename files or folders.
  • Create new folder.
  • Save scroll position for long document files
  • Extract. Tar, Gz, Zip, Rar file.
  • Save image, video files to PhotoLibrary
  • Send a file by email. (Size <15MB)
  • Inter-app/Document Exchange: Allows other applications (such as email application) to save your Download Manager file.
  • Open downloaded files in other apps (iOS 4 only).
  • Audioplayer:
  • Play all audio files in a folder as playlist
  • repetition and shuffling
  • Playback and web browsing (built-in) at the same time.
  • Create custom playlist to play songs in the order you want.
  • Airplay (IOS 4.2 and later)
  • Movie Player:
  • Play. Mp4, M4v, Mov.
  • Create custom playlist to play videos in the order you want.
  • Cannot be played. Wmv,. Avi,. MKV and other formats but can be opened in other applications.
  • Airplay (iOS 4.3 and later).
  • file sharing

Download Manager provides four ways to share downloaded files with PC:

Download Manager 3.0
  • iTunes USB file sharing allows you to drag and drop files between iPhone/iPod and computer.
  • FTP Sharing: Support upload and download from iPhone/iPod via wifi.
  • Web Sharing: Support upload and download from iPhone/iPod via wifi.
  • Send the files as email attachments.
  • Code lock:
  • They use it to protect their downloaded files.
  • Mobile Safari INTEGRATION:
  • Bookmarklet for Safari Mobile that allows you to open any link in the Download Manager.

What’s new in version 3.0?

  • Browser:
  • The full screen mode of the web browser: enter / there are three gesture taps.
  • Added private browsing mode.
  • iOS5 iCloud Compatibility:
  • Change the default download directory to minimize the amount of data backed up with icloud, files downloaded from previous versions remain in the USB share directory, users can decide whether to move to a new default download directory.
  • File Manager:
  • New PDF reader.
  • Native support open Avi files.
  • Added some small improvements.
  • Fixed some bugs.

Download Manager 3.0