Download now! eFootball 2022 is available for free!.

Konami today revealed that eFootball 2022, the official title of the platform’s first season of content, is now available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10 and PC Steam. Download it now!

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New Match Modes*

  • eFootball Creative League – this is a league where players can use their Creative Team to compete against other players and become the best in the world. Earn points to be promoted to the next level in the league and earn rewards based on your performance in each of 10 match rounds
  • Tour Event – play against AI opponents in a tour format, earning rewards by accumulating event points
  • Challenge Event – play against other players online, completing assigned objectives to earn rewards
  • Online Quick Match – play a casual online match against other players using 600+ licensed clubs/teams, including the newly added cross-platform gaming fulfillment (PC and consoles only)
  • Online Match Lobby – create an online match room and invite other players to a 1X match

*Certain match modes will be released after the release of v1.0, more details will be released soon.

Download now!  eFootball 2022 is available for free!

new types of players

  • Standard – players based on performance during the current season, they can be hired with eFootball coins (occasional trade item) or GP (referral contracts item)
  • Trending – players based on specific matches or weeks in which they perform impressively, they can be hired with referral contracts
  • Featured – handpicked players who can be hired with eFootball™ coins (occasional trade item) or with eFootball™ points (referral contract item)
  • Legendary – players based on a specific notable season, who can be hired with eFootball™ coins (occasional trade item) or with eFootball™ points (referral contract item)
  • There are three in-game currencies in eFootball: eFootball Coins (premium currency), GP (obtained through the game) and eFootball points (obtained through the game)
  • Visit the official eFootball™ website to learn more about player development

Match Passes and Objectives*

Download now!  eFootball 2022 is available for free!
  • After various types of matches played, Match Passes will reward you with items like “referral contract”, which will allow users to hire specific players of their choice, eFootball coins and much more. Users will also have the option to purchase a premium “Advantage Match Pass” to earn even bigger rewards
  • Separately, receive in-game rewards for completing certain objectives, and for even greater rewards, users have the option to spend eFootball™ coins to unlock premium objectives

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