Twitch definitively banned Dr. Disrespect in the now distant month of June but we still have no idea what happened in detail.

The two sides have not expressed themselves clearly and the well-known streamer has repeatedly stated that he has no idea of ​​the motivations of the platform. But now, in a sentence that seems to be a mix of provocation and truth, the “doctor” himself has formulated a rather interesting hypothesis about what pushed Twitch to this radical choice.

During a live broadcast a couple of days ago, the streamer responded to some viewers by revealing what he thinks of the ban (starting at 2:58):

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“I have wanted to speak freely for some time. I have been silent because of a process that needs to be completed. Imagine the Navy giving you the well-served out of thin air and then recruiting three new cadets because you know, they think that even if you are the Master Chief of the situation you take a very high salary with you. “

Put simply: Twitch would have banned Dr. Disrespect to save some money to reinvest in “three cadets”. Who exactly? Ninja, Shroud and probably Logic.

The three have signed agreements more or less recently and although Disrespect has not further argued the sentence the truth or at least its truth would seem this. What do you think of this particular story that has upset the universe of streamers?

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