Dragon Finga is a Ragdoll Kung-Fu fighting game for Android.

In about the same time it takes to Google the meaning of the word ‘sushi’, I found out that I knew Kung Fu too when I got my hands on Dragon Finga for Android. This free game is simply amazing, offers amazing gameplay and is loaded with hours and hours of fun. The game is completely based on ragdoll physics, with organic animations and collisions instead of preset fighting moves. It looks and feels great, but the game doesn’t give us much to do with these fun tools. And a single player challenge is all that Dragon Finga has to offer here.

Developer Another Place Productions LTD surely went to great lengths to ensure that the environment in Dragon Finga takes full advantage of today’s powerful mobile hardware. As is immediately apparent when you review the game’s opening tutorial, proverbial attention has been paid to every little detail.

On first launch, you are taught the basic gameplay by your grandmaster Ping, who teaches you the basic moves like moving your player, hitting your enemies, and collecting rewards. To move the player, for example, you can simply swipe left or right on the screen. The more you slide across the screen, the more the player will move. Similarly, you can hit ragdoll enemies by touching them. It only takes a few minutes of proper tutorial lessons before you are exposed to the game’s main menu.

Dragon Finga is a Ragdoll Kung-Fu fighting game for Android

The main menu screen that appears after you’ve finished the initial tutorial, allows you to restart training mode, toggle music and audio settings, as well as a pretty cool video recording mode (for recording your gameplay and uploading it online). ), or start the single. player mode by touching its corresponding button.

Dragon Finga comprises 250 different action-packed missions, each set in a totally different setting and environment. The game gets harder with each passing mission, which becomes more noticeable in later levels of course. But luckily, the game allows you to replay previously unlocked missions any time you want, not only to learn new moves, but also to complete a mission using a completely different strategy.

Dragon Finga is a Ragdoll Kung-Fu fighting game for Android

On the customization front, you can buy a variety of upgrades in Dragon Finga, such as an improved health meter, better fighting abilities, and learn new moves to beat much tougher enemies that appear in later stages. The game includes built-in game points that allow you to purchase these upgrades and/or customize your character. And these game points can be earned by completing levels or purchased with real currency.

Coming into the main game, there’s a lot more combat in Dragon Finga than you might expect. Each mission throws you against a horde of evil enemies and your goal is to take them down as quickly as possible. But that is not as easy as it seems; You’ll also have to keep an eye on your health bar, which depletes when you’re hit by an enemy. There aren’t many moves and combos your character can pull off during the initial missions, but that changes as you complete more levels.

Dragon Finga is a Ragdoll Kung-Fu fighting game for Android

After spending a bit of time with Dragon Finga, you surely fell in love with its endless fun, variety of customization, and attractive graphics. The challenges are fun and the ragdoll physics look awesome.