Writing a story, regardless of the ending, gives you incredible emotions. The one focused on the fantastic world of Drake Hollow it begins with the sadness of a boy throwing rocks in a pond, absorbed in thought and with anger in his heart, perhaps for a whim, a rant from his parents, or one too many jokes.Unaware of what will happen shortly thereafter, a mystical raven catches his attention by flitting beside him, as if to mock him. Annoyed, the boy tries to chase him away. Unexpectedly, he begins to follow him, then leads him to a place surrounded by ruins.

Surprisingly, the crow will talk to him and offer him an adventure in a ruined world and tell him about the Drakes, a broken people forced to live in hiding so as not to be captured by corruption. As in the best stories, the protagonist doesn’t hold back and is drawn to a magical portal into a new dimension called Hollow.

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When it comes to customizing our alter ego in a video game, we do it according to our personal taste. In Drake Hollow, this chance is given immediately. The editor that opens in front of us, once we start the game from the main menu, prepares the typical possibilities that are given in classic role-playing games. You choose the gender, hair, face, clothes, and backpack. After that, we go on an adventure and who knows if we will come back changed or not at all.

Everything is in ruins, lost in time. The streets are completely destroyed, the small shops and the houses reduced to rotten ruins. Nature took its place and gave birth to new magical creatures, some good and some bad. One of them dominates the other and it is evil that compels the Drakes to hide and live far away or hibernate in the earth so as not to be discovered.

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Our adventure begins with them and with them. The Drakes are gentle, gentle creatures, the first victims of the corruption that befell the two-dimensional reality in which we have performed. During the initial tutorial, the crow will explain how important it is to take care of them in all respects.

The survival dynamic is centered on the Drakes and the construction of a village dedicated to their needs. The game interface shows their needs at the top right and is divided into hunger, thirst and fun. The most interesting trait is that given to the efforts we make for them during the experience, easily diluted in three simple ways that we can refer to to understand our progress.

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If we bring in more food, water, and produce more pleasure, the result is framed by two arrows at the top which symbolize a commitment beyond normal. Instead, if we follow our task as we should, a green dot will mean that we are doing what the Drakes have requested.

Conversely, a red arrow shows that we are not doing enough and that supplies are dwindling. A mechanic that reminded us of some of the most important relics of this generation, like the exclusive Xbox State of Decay to a lesser extent.

The game features a color-centric animated film design.

The Crow who brought us into this reality will explain how to meet the basic needs of the Drakes, giving us important insights into the behavior of creatures. In order not to get sick, it will be important to collect blue mushrooms to preserve their health and let them rest in special beds that can be easily made from the dedicated craft menu.

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The latter does not bring major changes or innovations but is presented as any other survival with many constructions necessary for the Drakes. Some of these will unlock when the village grows, allowing the player to be constantly noticed.

In the early hours of the game, it will be important to evolve the village at levels two and three, unlocking the beds, water wells and joga balls useful for entertaining the Drakes. Unlike State of Decay and other means of survival, only the village will improve thanks to our relationship with them.

By allowing them to grow through the crystals that we will collect during the experience, they will grow from babies to adolescents and adults. As the population increases in the village, the needs of each Drake will increase.

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The editor is inspired by the typical DSOs that we are all used to.

Consulting them will often be as important as exploring the surroundings of the village and the various islets surrounded by asphyxiating smoke that could kill us. Talking to them will heal us from wounds and increase the power of our spells, especially useful for some initial builds.

As for the exploration and the search for materials, the time will come to move constantly to collect others both to feed the Drakes and to free the islets of the various vines which will give, when killed, various crystals useful for the resources that concern us. .

Hollow is an inhospitable and extremely dangerous place. To overcome the fog, it will be necessary to access the crafting menu dedicated to our protagonist and produce various tools useful for our survival. Unlike many other survivors, there will be no way to craft weapons.

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The crystals collected will act to create cures, a connection between different trucks to transport resources to our village and to allow us not to defeat the suffocating fog, otherwise largely traversable with a type of crystal that will allow us to move quietly for fifteen seconds without dying. .

The exploration, in fact, will be fundamental and fundamental. We advise you to look around and collect lots of wood, blue flowers and mushrooms, carrot seeds and cauliflower for the Drakes. The management of the inventory, which will offer a small space in the first hours of the game, must be very precise and managed with awareness and attention so as not to get confused.

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If you carefully follow the Raven’s instructions, it will be easy to keep the Drakes happy just by viewing the relevant stats on the screen!

The depot in the village, useful in any eventuality, will store some of the most important materials and your weapons that you find during the experience, in addition to the various connections with the trucks. It will not be easy to deal with so many situations on your own, especially given the continuous raids by enemies that will occur every day. We recommend, both for fun and not to constantly be in trouble, to check out Drake Hollow with a few friends.

The multiplayer extends up to three players, just to give an idea of ​​the situations that could arise during the most complex phases. The exploration of the different islets is well defined, but it has a basic repetitiveness which could tire those accustomed to another type of rhythm.

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The character will fight by moving like a true defender of the weak against the dark forces that dominate the Hollow. It is not a transcendent or innovative combat system. It is simplified and relegated to the safety of The Molasses Flood, authors of the roguelike The Flame in the Flood.

Our protagonist will be able to wield various objects, such as nail guns for distance or stainless steel clubs. As in any self-respecting survival, blunt objects will not last long due to the frantic clashes with enemies and there will be no immediate possibility of repairing them, especially in the early hours of the game. Another aspect that is quite difficult for precisely choose each weapon, which can then be quickly selected by moving the directional buttons on the pad.

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The relationship with the Drakes will be fundamental to increase our relationship with them and to receive more spell points for the construction of new buildings!

As we focused our attention on the clashes, we often noticed a slowdown in the action in the most excited moments. The combat system allows our protagonist to quickly dodge an attack or a parry.

However, when he attacks, an unexpected input lag is revealed which does not allow us to further offend our opponent. This often also happens with parry or dodge. Also, understanding the moments of dodging is not immediate and you will need to pay special attention to the moments of confusion. There is no good fluidity in the combat phases.

In the event of death, you will have the option of choosing to wake up in the village or simply get up by reaching the spot where a plaque with the protagonist’s name is placed. If you decide to wake up in the camp, the weapons in your possession will be ruined at the risk of breaking: a necessary penalty.

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The village, leveling, will automatically strengthen our opponents, making them even more ruthless. But even our protagonist will become stronger. The vitality bar will increase, also causing an increase in resistance to weaker and easily eliminated opponents. What will depend, in the whole experience, will be to organize and prepare each element with the required skills.

The waypoints will be able to lead from one part of the islands to another and connect us directly to the village.

The crow, in the tutorial, will be quite comprehensive. We advise you to pay close attention to his words and not be distracted in any way if you want to survive in this world devastated by deprivation and corrupted in his soul.

The artistic direction, which is a real highlight, impresses with its original and cartoon-like design. Looking at it, it’s natural to think that the environmental traits are taken from Fortnite, and that the inspiration for certain animated films lasts from start to finish.

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We find that the design dedicated to the Drakes is however very original and goliardic, deeply inspired. Some of them look like real vegetables, like beets and turnip greens.

However, some bugs persist if we try to divert the path we are establishing from one island to another. We have noticed this very often and have been disappointed, despite a good job by the Unreal Engine to define the graphics present in the title. Some frame drops are immediately noticeable.

Drake Hollow is a simple title and, at the same time, incredibly similar to many other Survivors. It doesn’t innovate or offer anything new but manages to highlight some incredibly unique elements in a message that ultimately leaves us a little happier: caring for others.

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Vines breed creatures and corruption, eliminating them is necessary to keep the Drakes safe!

Drake Hollow, in an empathetic aspect, shows exactly what a management survival can present within its limits and exposes itself in its weaknesses, especially in very few occasions to see more different environments, in order to differentiate colors and to offer more.

A negative note is represented by the lack of Italian translation for those who do not chew English and other languages ​​available in the optional menu. A positive point, however, is in the footprint of the management: resources are often scarce and we will be forced to organize ourselves accordingly so as not to let the village run out of anything.

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The care of the Drakes is deep, gentle, almost similar to that of a parent to their children. We appreciated it for its entertaining and rewarding playful proposal, despite some technical limitations that could have been avoided.

A story which, in its own way, manages to play out without too many problems. Even better, in our opinion, if he is faced with a few friends.

Source : Reddit