Indefatigable publishing house PlayWay has announced its next crazy simulator. But this time, the madness must be kept to a minimum. Dreamjob: Programmer — Learn Programming Games will allow you to master the basics of programming from scratch.

In the game we will play the role of a novice programmer, whose first step will be the legendary Hello world. We have to learn the basics with the help of the simplest tool Visual Scripting Editor: To create a program, we simply arrange and connect the various blocks.

The hero will have to complete missions and earn not only money, but also valuable experience. Gradually, access to more complex tasks will open, and our programmer’s new skills will allow him to deal with complex mathematical concepts.

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Successful work will help you gradually equip and re-equip your workplace. And once their careers are in their prime, players can practice with real-world Python by launching a space rocket.

Source : Game Informer