Due to the troll commentators, Grandma Skyrimező will produce much less content.

Due to unsolicited advice and constant poking, Shirley Curry decided to focus on her health from now on instead of skyrimes videos.

We first reported in 2015 about one of the cutest gamers in the world, Grandma Skyrimező. A year later the In connection with the release of Skyrim: Special Edition, we wrote that Shirley Curry is back and will delight his fans with gameplay videos again. And this year, we’ve already been able to see a preview of how the gamer granny will get into Skyrim, which fans have been demanding for a long time. Unfortunately, this time there was no news of any hilarious developments.

Shirley Curry released a video back in early May that only started to spin up in days. In this vlog, he talked about how much he tries to ignore the annoying comments of the trolls, he just can’t get over them. That’s why you’ll only respond to far fewer comments in the future, or simply delete some comments. Curry is particularly disturbed by the fact that he is constantly given unsolicited “advice” about his style of play. Someone always wants to tell him how to play differently or what other game he should be dealing with instead of Skyrim. He was simply fed up with having to constantly justify what he was doing and why. He’s also endlessly bored that he has to constantly explain in order for certain commentators to understand he only and exclusively sees Skyrim as a role-playing game, so it’s unnecessary to expect a min-maxo gameplay or speedrunt from him.

Due to the troll commentators, Grandma Skyrimező will produce much less content

On top of all that, Curry also pointed out that while gameplay materials are usually 30-50 minutes long, an average viewer only watches about five minutes of them, and despite having about 830,000 subscribers to their channel, only 5-8,000 people actually watch their videos these days. She feels that in light of this, it has become a waste of time for content production, which is also a major source of stress for her now 84-year-old grandmother.

In light of the circumstances outlined, Curry has decided to release frequent, almost daily videos from now on and will only produce much less content than before. She wants to focus on her health and doesn’t want to become a mischievous woman. We can only hope that less stress will have a good effect on her and she will be able to make my video videos for her viewers again, or as she calls them “grandchildren”. Of course, it would also be wonderful if commentators finally understood, not everyone had to scatter life-advising advice unsolicitedly, and they would finally let Shirley Curry calmly skyrim. That would be best for everyone. Since the vlog video released on May 2, Shirley Curry hasn’t come up with any new material.

Due to the troll commentators, Grandma Skyrimező will produce much less content

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