Dungeon Link celebrates global release for iOS and Android.

GAMEVIL and Kong Studios release puzzle RPG worldwide

In cooperation with developer Kong Studios, GAMEVIL publishes the free mobile game dungeon link worldwide for iOS and Android devices. The game combines role-playing elements such as PvP battles, quests and a gripping background story with entertaining puzzle tasks. The result is a unique mixture of combination game and RPG adventure, in which the players have to use a lot of skill to make their way through a varied fantasy world.

dungeon link takes players to the wondrous lands of Kanterbury, where a sinister demon king has wreaked havoc and destruction. Now a brave team of heroes is required to roam dark dungeons, solving increasingly difficult puzzles and thus getting to the bottom of the mystery of the demonic entity. Only in this way can peace be restored in Kanterbury. Players have the chance to collect over 200 different heroes with specific abilities. From this they set up tactically skillful teams for each battle, which should be as well balanced as possible. In order to defeat all enemies, it is necessary to connect symbols of the same color on the playing field – the more, the better.

Dungeon Link celebrates global release for iOS and Android

In addition, there is dungeon link the opportunity to take part in exciting boss raids, duel other players in the PvP arena and make deals with friends via the in-game chat. Players can also complete daily quests and long-term achievements for additional rewards.

“We are launching Dungeon Link in Europe fully localized with a range of languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian,” says David Mohr, General Manager Europe. “We are convinced that Dungeon Link’s charming and unique genre mix will resonate with East and West alike.”

Dungeon Link celebrates global release for iOS and Android

dungeon link is now available for free download from Google Play and Apple’s AppStore.

  • Link to iTunes: https://bit.ly/DLinkiOS
  • Link to Google Play: https://bit.ly/DLinkAndroid

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Dungeon Link celebrates global release for iOS and Android

Further information can also be found on the Gamevil website.

About the making of Dungeon Link
Kong Studios founders Won and Jee met in 2008 while attending Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science. With their bundled know-how in the field of IT and programming, the two founded the studio based in San Jose five years later, in 2013. From what was initially a simple idea, the founders finally developed the story, the gameplay and the characters of Dungeon Link.
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Thanks to its extensive industry and sector knowledge, GAMEVIL has managed to build up a diverse game portfolio, including several award-winning titles. With its many years of experience and great expertise in the field of mobile gaming, GAMEVIL has developed into one of the world’s leading providers of game apps and will continue to work on expanding this position in the future.
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Dungeon Link celebrates global release for iOS and Android