Dungeon Sketch, design maps for your role-playing games.

Are you a role player? well sure that Dungeon Sketch It will be very useful to you. It is a tool to design maps for role-playing games, quickly and easily. It offers a design view, where you can paint rooms, corridors, and other elements of the environment, as well as views for annotations, private notes from the gamemaster, and a view for combat.

To get the most out of Dungeon Sketch, my recommendation is a generous screen tablet. The GM designs the map in advance and jots down notes in his private view. Then, during the game, you place the tablet in the center of the table, go into combat mode, and place player and non-player characters.

Dungeon Sketch, design maps for your role-playing games

When you open the door of the mansion, you see a dark corridor

Draw a map in layout view it’s very fast. By default, strokes snap to the grid. We can switch to hexagonal grid, but the strokes are still straight. You can paint lines, rectangles, and circles, or draw freehand (for which it’s a good idea to turn snap-to-grid off).

There are options to choose from stroke colors and thickness, a tool to add texts, and another to represent the “fog of war”. It serves to indicate which is the zone of vision, but I have not managed to understand well how to use it.

Dungeon Sketch, design maps for your role-playing games

the sight of gamemaster notes It works the same as the editor, but what we write here will not be shown in the views challenge. It’s a shame that it doesn’t ask for some kind of password or control mechanism to activate this view.

Suddenly you hear an infernal scream, a creature wielding a sword attacks you

In the combat sight, the “tokens” of the characters can be moved, just by dragging them. During the drag, a trash can appears in a corner, where we can deposit the eliminated characters. There are a huge assortment of tokens ready to be used to identify the characters, classified by type.

Dungeon Sketch, design maps for your role-playing games

Can filter by different tags, and even create new labels and add our own images. Thus, we can represent all those involved in the combat, which makes it easier to calculate distances, ranges, lines of sight…

When you touch the lamp, a light blinds you and you appear in the middle of a forest (or not)

From the configuration menu we can change the colors of the background (there are several predefined schemes), in addition to going from square to hex grid. We can also save the map, and export it as an image.

Dungeon Sketch, design maps for your role-playing games

I really miss a plugin that is not complicated at all to add. The base is there, with the character tokens, so why isn’t there an option to add furniture? An assortment of furniture images would not hurtgates, structures, traps, trees, and other terrain landmarks, which quickly add to maps.

In the captures, I have made up for this lack by painting thick lines of color to represent doors and windows. But his thing would be to be able to add closed or open doors, directly.

The arrow sticks in your knee, the pain is terrible

The good thing about the app is that you can design maps of any size. And if during the game you have to expand it, then you have no limit. You can zoom in to see large areas, and then zoom in for a clearer fight.

Dungeon Sketch, design maps for your role-playing games

Unfortunately, has strange things. As I mentioned, I have not been able to use the combat fog tool. Also, there is a tool with an image that I haven’t figured out what it is for. It doesn’t seem to do anything other than crash the app.

Which brings us to stability, which is not a big deal. Hit record frequently. If suddenly some elements of the drawing disappear depending on the view, exit the application and start it again. There is work to be done in this regard.

It’s a fairly basic program, but if you’re clumsy with pencils it can spice up your games. Although of course, I am very old school, so playing with miniatures and measuring distances is not for me.

Dungeon Sketch, design maps for your role-playing games

Dungeon Sketch