Dust off your old pixelated weapons because Doom Zero is the official Bethesda mod that includes 32 new levels for Doom 2

If there is a game that has proven to set the course for shooters, it has been DOOM Eternal. The recent work by id Software earned its place among the GOTY nominees of The Game Awards 2020, with all the merit in the world. It was tough to get over the franchise reboot in 2016, but the studio has pulled it off.

However, today we go back to the origins of the saga. DOOM Zero is the name of the official mod that Bethesda just released commemorating the 25th anniversary of DOOM 2. Until 32 all-new levels, including new sound effects, enemies, and boss fights.

Actually, this patch is actually a mod created and released last year by Christopher Golden, an independent developer. You can now download DOOM Zero through this link and here is a video to see it in action.

You can read our recent review on the version of DOOM Eternal for Nintendo Switch. You can also hallucinate that a fan have managed to get the original DOOM to work on a Mega Drive, in addition to enjoying the latest installment on the Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

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