A major app update is available for one of the popular German weather apps, the German weather service is releasing version 3 of the warning weather app.

The German Weather Service is launching a major update for its own mobile app. The new version 3.0 brings some improvements and innovations that are certainly interesting for many smartphone users. Probably the biggest innovation is that users can now report severe weather events themselves in the app and can thus be of great help to the meteorologists.

In addition, it is optimized for users that the start screen of the app can be adapted more to their own needs. Basically similar to the Android home screen, which can be animated with icons and widgets. This new customizable start screen is available in the free and paid app version.

New in WarnWeather 3.0:

  • WarnWetter users can report weather events and their impact. They will be displayed in the app
  • Personal start screen allows individual selection and configuration of the content to be displayed via preview tiles
  • New favorites view on the home screen allows graphical display of temperatures for quick temperature trending
  • And: many small improvements such as gust forecasts in the map display

WarnWeather App 3.0 in the video

The distribution of the new app version started on July 22 in the app stores, so the update should appear on your devices in the coming hours or days.

WarnWetter Price: Free