Dying Light 2 it is a very exciting project but also very disturbing. What has been seen so far has been incredibly promising, but the game has been postponed several times and currently has no release date. It suggests that something is going on behind the scenes.

According to PolskiGamedev.pl, which in the past has been a reliable source of information on the Polish scene, the development of Dying Light 2 is currently a “trouble total“According to an anonymous developer of Techland, the story and mechanics of the game are constantly changing, which has hampered progress.

« Dying Light 2 is a total disaster, first we focused on the story, then we focused on the gameplay… the mechanics of the game are constantly changing. Morale is always low, the leadership has no idea what they are doing. Disorganization at the highest level is troublesome. We don’t know what this game should look like. Others [studi], a year before the premiere, they are worried about bug fixes… »

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Apparently what most affected the development of Dying Light 2 was the conflict between the writer Chris Avellone and the creative director Adrian Ciszewski. Apparently, Avellone would like to create a complex, layered story in an RPG style, but that doesn’t coincide with the type of game Techland wants to do. When contacted, Avellone downplayed any conflict.

« I love working on Dying Light 2 and I love working with Techland. Of course, we discussed the individual elements of the project and obviously changed over the next few iterations … but that’s an integral part of the creation process.«

That said, constant tinkering with Ciszewski’s game would have forced the developers to do a lot of extra work, with many employees having to work from 9 to 22.

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« Our creative thread [Ciszewski] he invented the philosophy of “design by iteration”. Every time he made a “final decision” he changed his mind. People worked hard thinking they were almost done, but never made it to the finish line«

The Dying Light 2 tightening is having a negative effect on Techland as a studio, as they’ve lost around 50 employees in the past year (a huge blow for a 300-person studio). Among the illustrious departures is that of Pawel Rohleder, former CTO of Techland, who was largely responsible for the company’s impressive Chrome engine. According to PolskiGamedev.pl, an acquisition by Microsoft.

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However, this acquisition was refused by a representative of Techland.

What is reported are rumors, so we’ll have to wait for the official news to really understand the state of development of Dying Light 2.

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