E-sports | São Paulo will have the largest arena in Latin America.

Brazil is the third largest country in audience for e-sports tournaments in the world, behind only China and the United States. With an audience of 17.7 million people, it should still be one of the countries with the highest growth in the sector in the next five years.

In the world the numbers are even more impressive, according to Newzoo, a global marketing agency specializing in the sport, the e-sports market is expected to grow by almost 15% this year, to earn more than US $ 1 billion and reach an audience of more than 450 millions of people.

It is in this optimistic scenario, for the electronic games market, that from August of this year the capital of São Paulo will have the largest complex of e-sports and games in Latin America. With more than 3 thousand square meters, and located in the Aclimação neighborhood of São Paulo, On e-Stadium will operate in a 360 ° format, with an arena, school, training center, media rooms, streamings, dedicated gaming experience area and space for events. The complex will also have a themed cafeteria and specialized store. This entire structure aims to promote digital entertainment, provide experiences, learning and business generation in a fully interactive and connected environment, engaging people and brands to the “gamer” universe and meeting the demands of consumers in this sector.

E-sports |  São Paulo will have the largest arena in Latin America

Led by young entrepreneurs, Rafael, 32 years old, Rodrigo, 27 years old and Leonardo, 20 years old, On e-Stadium has an unprecedented format in Brazil, and is inspired by renowned models from the United States, Europe and Asia. “We will have the largest e-sports complex in Latin America, as it brings together in one place the most complete e-sports universe, with a training and education center, arena, studio, specialized store, gourmet space, areas for brand activation and gaming experience rooms. We will also hold events, championships, workshops and lectures, some free of charge, to always keep On e-Stadium as a content reference, whether in person or via EAD – Explains, Rafael Garcia.

Also according to Newzoo, sponsorship is the largest revenue stream in the e-sports sector in the world, closing 2018 with an investment of more than US $ 350 million. Here in Brazil the scenario is no different and On e-Stadium already has the support of important brands, such as digio, a credit card from Banco CBSS, with no annual fee, monthly fees or revolving interest; the giant AOC and also HyperX, one of the largest peripheral manufacturers.

E-sports |  São Paulo will have the largest arena in Latin America

On e-Stadium should host important national and international championships, train and reveal players and also expand business opportunities within the gamer universe. In the course sector, it is worth mentioning the partnership with Vicente Martin Mastrocola, better known as Vince Vader, professor and doctor in game design at ESPM and author of more than 40 games for smartphones, internet and boards.

Another partnership is with the Information Systems (TECH) course, also from ESPM, which will count on cutting-edge professionals in training young people and adults.

E-sports |  São Paulo will have the largest arena in Latin America

The construction of the complex is already underway and for the coming months, the directors promise many promotional actions throughout the city of São Paulo.