Vespa launched into the world of electric motorcycles in 2018 with its iconic Vespa (yes, “Elettrica”) and since then we have seen many models and possibilities, from the most ambitious to something more similar to the famous moped. But now at Yamaha they take up this design in their own way with the new e-Wine.

A light electric motorcycle and more similar to models like the SEAT MÓ and not so much Zero style, although of a more basic range. The e-Vino is especially light and is designed for mobility in the city.

A “featherweight” not to leave the city

Of course, what is striking at first glance is that design between vintage and youthful, seeing it in white or with some parts in yellow according to the official website. And yes, in yellow the front reminds us a lot of a minion.

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And Wine 05

We said that it is light because the e-Vino weighs only 68 kilograms without the batteries, being the weight with a 500 Wh battery pack of 74 kilograms, which is not much more. There is the option of adding a second battery pack, which may interest the user in terms of autonomy.

According to Yamaha, with a single pack the approximate autonomy is 29 kilometers, which is not too much even if it is a solely urban use. With the two packs you reach 58 kilometers (according to the manufacturer), which can mean a significant improvement in the experience.

And Vito 01

And Vito 01

Of course, these autonomies have been calculated at a speed of 30 kilometers / hour (the maximum being 44 km / h) and with an occupant of 55 kilograms of weight, so it is always better to take it with caution at least until you can test it. And speaking of loading time, in theory they are three hours for a pack.

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And Vito 03

And Vito 03

As for the engine, it has a power of 580 watts continuous and 1,200 W peak. A rather discreet figure (the Elettrica has 4 kW peak), although Yamaha has added a button to activate the “Boost” mode and that the user can have an extra kick of power for 30 seconds (for example, on a hill) .

Of course, at the moment it is a product presented for the Japanese market. In Electrek they comment that the motorcycle has received a European patent and that this may be an indication that it reaches the European market, but we will have to wait for the confirmation of the Japanese brand. The price: about 1,947 euros to change, which is quite low from the start compared to the ones we have discussed.

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