E3 2015: Nintendo conference leaks.

is approaching the E3 2015 and the first leaks of the most anticipated conferences arrive. In this case we want to talk about some alleged leaks of the Nintendo Digital Event of May 16. As always we will take it as a funniest rumor.

The video starts with Iwata Y Reggie playing the new Wii U Star Fox. An online multiplayer mode and the final name of the game is announced. Starfox: Supercharged. The game will have the typical versus mode and compatibility with new figures amiibo. It will be released at the end of the year.

turn to Reggie that presents us a new WiiU gamepad which will be put up for sale individually. now we canplay with two gamepads but it will have many new features. The most important is the inclusion of a slot from where we can play games of Nintendo DS/3DS, a larger battery, analog triggers, and increased power for developers to truly take advantage of dual screens. This command will be called game pad+ and will arrive in the company of a new Wii U Pro Controller. The first game to use both controllers will be project Giant Robot to finally be called Robot Wars.

E3 2015: Nintendo conference leaks

We continue with the news. A new update would allow splatoon be played by two 2 players at a time, each from their own game pad. to be announced Golden Sun: Secrets of the Ancient Temple for Nintendo 3DS and would arrive in 2016. It would also be announced Animal Crossing: World Explorer for WiiU. This time the game will take place in locations around the world and we will cross the green jungles, the arid deserts and the cold Arctic. It will be compatible with the new Amiibo and the cards that will arrive at the end of the year. Another one to be announced for early 2016 is Pokken Fighters for WiiU with the presence of Mewtwo, Charizard and Greninja. Paper Mario will return in style with a new installment for WiiU.

We continue with the news. A DLC is expected for Bayonetta 2 called Jeanne’s Hell Trip which would be released on July 9. Mario Maker It will have a lot of news like Yoshi, new items, red coins, star coins and the possibility of being played with other characters like Luigi, Toad, Peach and Rosalina. Two players can play at the same time and another can change the levels in real time from the Gamepad. The game will launch on 11 of September with a Special Edition that includes a copy of the game, a coin of the 30th anniversary of the saga and a poster.

E3 2015: Nintendo conference leaks

It is also planned to announce Super Mario 3D Land 2 for Nintendo 3DS. It will have a style similar to the version of Wii U but new gameplay elements, new items and new enemies will be added. It will be available on October 3. Super Mario Sunshine HD will be announced for Wii U with graphics onHigh Definition, Gamepad functionalities and Miiverse compatibility. The release date of the game would be this winter. we will also see donkey kong: Curse of the Jungle for Nintendo 3DSin which we will chase King K. Roll, who has stolen the DK coins and makes us travel through multiple worlds. A third and fourth DLC is expected for Mario Kart 8 with 6 new characters, 8 vehicles and 8 battle scenarios. The new characters will beDiddy Kong, Mopsie, Inkling boy and girl, Birdo, Palma and Pikachu. To put an end to it will be announced Metroid Prime 4 for WiiU. The game would be being developed by Retro Studios and would be released in 2016.

Too beautiful to be true but we had a good time. Nintendo, wake up!

E3 2015: Nintendo conference leaks