The French came to Los Angeles with many exciting games, and although we got a lot of gameplay, there were no big surprises here either.

Ubisoft didn’t wait until the end of the PC Gaming Show, so those who didn’t want to miss anything had to watch two streams at the same time. Fortunately (or rather unfortunately) the end of the PC Gaming Show didn’t hold much excitement, so we can jump headfirst into the madness that Ubisoft calls a press conference.

As usual, we just shook our heads at the beginning when the latest Just Dance usher started, this time accompanied by dancers in huge furry costumes. Aisha Tyler also addressed the tragedy in Orlando in a few words, but with a giraffe behind her, it didn’t come across as well. This is the fifth year that the presenter has moderated Ubisoft’s E3 presentations, and those who expected swearing, moderately jerky remarks and unpleasant comments, once again left the venue satisfied.

By the way, the publisher is celebrating its 30th birthday this year, which is being celebrated with many gift games, so everyone can have a little fun.

We were pretty excited about Ghost Recon Wildlands last year, and after seeing this year’s almost ten minutes of gameplay, we nodded in appreciation. They presented the second DLC for Tom Clancy’s Division and pulled the lid off some other extras, while pretending that everything was fine with the game.

The trailer for the 2nd expansion of The Division is not bad, but it was felt from the restrained reaction of the audience that all is not forgiven…

— SamaGame (@SamaGame_HU) June 13, 2016

For Honor paid its respects with a long demo at the expo, and while I really like the game (both in terms of looks and gameplay), it seems that the rest of the editorial team is left absolutely cold by the fight between Vikings and samurai. Never mind, at least I have more left.

Of course, we also looked into Watch Dogs 2, and not just for a moment, we could watch for almost a quarter of an hour as the new protagonist and his hacker buddies hack everything in San Francisco (even a ’73 minivan, which probably didn’t have an on-board computer, but so many problems). Not long after, the Watch Dogs movie was also confirmed.

It seems that, like in the case of AC, the second part of Watch Dogs will be a real hit!!

— SamaGame (@SamaGame_HU) June 13, 2016

In addition to AAA-category games, Ubisoft also produced smaller titles, such as Grow Up and Trials of the Blood Dragon. There was no shortage of VR titles either, Palmer Luckey himself flew a few rounds in Eagle Flight, and the stars of Star Trek tried out the not surprisingly Star Trek: Bridge Crew game, which looks particularly fun.

The funniest part of Eagle Flight is definitely how the players almost go head-to-head in the evolution ball. 🙂

— SamaGame (@SamaGame_HU) June 13, 2016

I would rather not go into detail about what jokes Trey Parker and Matt Stone bombarded the audience with during South Park: The Fractured but Whole performance, but the game itself seems quite entertaining. If we’re talking about the movie line, we can’t pass by the Assassin’s Creed movie without saying a word, from which we also get a trailer with behind-the-scenes details.

Good luck with the new South Park game, I won’t even try. This is going to be… very tough.

— SamaGame (@SamaGame_HU) June 13, 2016

At the end of the show, Yves Guillemot himself revealed the new game of Ubisoft Annecy, which was called Steep. The whole concept is a bit like The Crew, only instead of cars, here we can race in the virtual Alps with our friends on skis and parachutes. It looks like fun, but we were expecting a more serious announcement.

Missing from the conference were Assassin’s Creed (although there won’t be a new episode this year), Splinter Cell, Child of Light and the Rayman franchise. We don’t even mention Beyond Good & Evil 2 anymore.

All in all, Ubisoft had a busy conference full of gameplay and release dates, which this year was not without completely unjustified inserts. They didn’t take a big risk either, but looking at the others, it wasn’t necessary.

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