EA’s live event began that night, with CEO Andrew Wilson expressing his gratitude to all of the assistants and medical staff who are doing well in the current corona crisis. He also highlighted the importance of tackling racism and that there is still a lot to be done when it comes to diversity at EA. It’s a long way, but we’re good to go.

The first match of the show was Apex Legends on the schedule, which has now reached over 70 million players and with Season 5 has seen the game’s best start to the season yet. The new Lost Treasures Collection event begins June 23. Among other things, there is a time-limited mode.

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He’s armed and dangerous evolved and there are no respawn beacons here. Instead, each player has a mobile spawn beacon at the start and can activate it anywhere they want. Of course, there are also new challenges, new items and a takeover of the city. Respawn has also confirmed a Steam and Switch version of Apex Legends and Crossplay!

Both Flange a few people shared their experiences with the series. Meanwhile, The Sims 4 is now available on Steam, which also applies to other titles like Titanfall 2, A Way Out, and Dead Space 3.

In addition, Electronic Arts would like to work in the next twelve months seven games for Nintendo Switch release, including Apex Legends and FIFA 21.

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Another issue for the publisher is cross play, starting with Need for Speed ​​Heat. Other titles that support this include Rocket Arena and Star Wars: Squadrons.

EA continues to partner with various independent studios as part of the program EA Originals a way. Partners include Zoink Games, Velan Studios, Hazelight, and Final Strike Games.

Hazelight and Josef Fares’ new game is a cooperative action-adventure platformer called It takes two. The game will appear in 2021 and you will play two animated dolls. Fares also promises, among other things, levels whose mechanics should play with the emotions of the dolls.

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Zoink Games is working on Lost to chance. It’s a dark game, a gothic fairy tale, in which you play as a little girl on a dangerous giant. And she is not alone, she has a small cube as a companion. It’s a “coming of age story in a mysterious world” and the game will be released in 2021.

Rocket arena is a new team shooter from Final Strike Games. There are only fights with rockets and that in a colorful, colorful, subtly comical look. At the start there are ten heroes, each with their own abilities, who climb 100 levels in the level and unlock cosmetic items and other rewards. The game will release July 14 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4, the first season kicks off on July 28 with a Battle Pass and free content, including a map and a new character, and Crossplay supports that as well.

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It continued with Star Wars Squadrons and a first detailed overview of the gameplay. The single player campaign takes place after Episode 6 and you create two pilots. During the campaign, events alternate between the two.

You fly into the perspective of the cockpit and have various instruments in front of you, for example the energy display of your lasers or shields. You have a total of eight ships, which are divided into fighters, interceptors, support, and bombers. There are different tuning items for everyone that you unlock while playing, for example an Ewok bobble head for the cockpit.

In multiplayer, the 5vs5 dogfight mode awaits you, here you also have guns, mines or a tractor beam available to influence the opponents. You determine the loading of your vessel yourself. Another mode is the multi-level fleet battles. You can play alone or with friends – against other human players or the AI. There is first air combat, then combat against a medium-sized ship before taking the flagship to the other side.

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More meaningless views followed Madden 21 and FIFA 21 as well as a tiny next-gen teaser on projects from Criterion (Need for Speed), BioWare (Dragon Age) and EA Motive.

And finally, there was what many were waiting for. A new Patin is under development! But still at an early stage, details are not yet available.

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