• EA reportedly does not yet know whether next-gen games will cost more in the future
  • There are some reasons for this, but no decision has been made so far
  • Manager Blake Jorgensen praises the new possibilities of the next-gen

Electronic Arts announced that it has not yet decided whether to increase the prices for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S games in the future. Blake Jorgensen, manager at EA, spoke on the subject in a quarterly report.

He predicted that the company’s upcoming games over the next few years will be “incredible” thanks to the power of next-gen hardware. In this context, Jorgensen was also asked whether such titles would justify higher prices in the future. He then stated that it had not yet been decided whether the prices for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S games would be increased in the future.

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According to Jorgensen, working on games has become increasingly expensive and people are also investing more and more time in games, but whether that justifies higher prices would be decided when the time comes.

The manager calls on you to concentrate on the positive, new possibilities of games first, and corresponding prices will then show up. He also wants to prevent people from interpreting any plans regarding price increases into his statements, he says clearly that nothing has been determined yet. Instead, he emphasizes once again the great importance of EA’s partnership with console manufacturers such as Sony and Microsoft.

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The basketball simulation NBA 2K21 seemed to usher in a new era of high-priced games for next-gen consoles this year at over 70 euros. Sony also followed suit with some first-party titles for the PS5, which now cost up to 80 euros.

So it remains to be seen whether EA and other companies will follow suit soon and how high the price increases will be. In any case, it is unlikely that large companies like EA will not orientate themselves at all on the others when it comes to price.

Source : Twitter Feeds