EA has revealed in an article on the FIFA website how the odds of obtaining players in the FIFA Ultimate Team packs work.

From now on, by pressing Options when selecting an envelope we can check the percentages of possibility of obtaining each type of player.

In the example that they indicate on the web, in a Premium gold package (7,500 FUT coins or 150 FIFA Points) there is a 100% chance of obtaining a gold player of more than 75 valuation, 20% of obtaining a player over 82 and 4.5% of it being over 84.

But the important thing is how those probabilities are calculated. As indicated, EA runs a simulation by opening a “statistically valid” number of envelopes and runs it again each time they perform an update. The possibilities screen will indicate the date of when they are valid

There are some categories like Ones to Watch that further reduce the chances of getting a card, sometimes below 1%.

However, these possibilities are individual to each envelope and do not accumulate. Each envelope opening is considered a separate event and the chances remain the same if multiple envelopes are opened.

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