Electronic arts published today EA Sports UFC 4, the new video game chapter dedicated to the UFC that allows players to shape their careers in the UFC or challenge their opponents in Blitz Battles or online World Championships to become the undisputed champion of the Octagon® . Starting today, gamers can get to the heart of the game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

« For EA Sports UFC 4, we wanted to focus on creating even more authentic MMA gameplay for our fans. From melee upgrades and elimination mechanics, to new dynamic typing inputs and grapple assist controls, we’re bringing an even deeper and more accessible gameplay experience to fans of all skill levels.” , he stated Brian Hayes, Creative Director of EA Sports UFC 4. ” We’ve also created an all-new fighter-focused progression system created that rewards players for every fight with the new Connected Fighter Profile, with which they can show off their personality and their fighters’ achievements.. «

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Players can choose from a wider variety of modes. Climb through the ranks in an enhanced Career Mode experience, which features an all-new Fighter Evolution System where every choice is essential in shaping your skills. Compete to become a world champion in all new Blitz battles or challenge the best of the world in the online world championships to become the undisputed champion. Fight in four all-new locations that pay homage to historical and fictional styles of combat sports, including The Kumite and The Backyard.

Inside the Octagon, when players knock down their opponents, players see, feel and feel the impact of each decisive blow with a high impact play experience and thrilling replay. EA SPORTS Real Player Motion Tech revolutionizes the art of melee and features more dynamic takedowns, while devastating Ground and Pound make the end of the fight more exciting than ever. Grapple assist provides more accessible controls on the ground and a refined strike control system allows better access to combinations and positioning.

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In this year’s commentary team, former UFC light heavyweight and light heavyweight champion Daniel “DC” Cormier sits alongside the Octagon alongside UFC commentator Jon Anik to provide a fresh and fun experience. .

« Watching my career go from the Octagon to the stand and back again has been amazingsaid Cormier.It will be great fun to hear myself comment on the fights when I play UFC 4, especially when I step into the Octagon to fight as myself.. «

EA Sports UFC 4 features a whole new evolution of the fighter in Career mode, which allows created characters to grow based on disciplines learned in training or matches. Players can get over 1,600 new gear accessories and over 120 emotes that will allow their fighter’s personality to shine like never before as they climb the rankings to become a UFC Superstar.

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To celebrate the launch of EA Sports UFC 4, fans can tune in to the EA Sports UFC Virtual Fight Card tonight. Streaming begins at 1:30 a.m. on Saturday, August 15 and will air on ESPN2, the ESPN app, UFC’s YouTube and Twitch channels. Presented by ESPN’s Mike Greenberg and Dianna Russini, the virtual fight card will show UFC 4 matches between WWE Hall of Fame twins Bella, EA Sports UFC 4 cover star Jorge Masvidal and artist Bronson action, plus other fights with heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury, comedian Spice Adams, acclaimed streamer Lirik and more.

Source : Reddit

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