ECola GTA.

ECola GTA. Another feature that will allow you to perform GTA is to buy soft drinks. Keep in mind that you can use them for freshen up in gullet or simply for throw it at him tosomeone. You want to know more?.

In previous articles we have talked about the Cargobob or the Buffalo car in GTA. However, this time we are going to focus on talking about the soda can. Ecola in GTA.


ECola GTA: Complete Guide

What is ecola in GTA

The eCola is a registered trademark of the GTA saga who sells soft drinks. It is based on Coke and the logo is also similar. his motto is deliciously infectious (Deliciously infectious). It is a blunt object that can be used to throw it at people.

It appears in:

  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
  • Grand Theft Auto IV,
  • Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned,
  • Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars,
  • Grand Theft Auto: Tony’s G*y Ballad
  • Grand Theft Auto V is one of the sponsors of the East Los FM radio station.
  • Grand Theft Auto Online.
  • It is one of the top selling soft drinks like Sprunk. The company has shares in Liberty City National. In Grand Theft Auto V

His name is a fusion of:

  • E. coli (Escherichia coli): A bacterium which can cause usually serious intestinal and extra-intestinal infections.
  • ebola: A virus that causes Ebola viral hemorrhagic fever, a highly contagious infectious disease that affects all types of primates (including humans) and other mammals. In most cases it can be fatal.

Where to find the ECola in GTA

  • There are soda machines in the Vice Point Mall where it appears with the logo of eCola.
  • The Statue of Happiness.
  • He Cableway.
  • Hospital Easton.
  • In Alderney there is an eCola factory in Tudor port.

How much does the Ecola cost?

Its price is $1. They are red with your typography in the center.


As with the Sprunk vending machines, when you buy an eCola can, an orangutan can appears.

Types of Ecola

There are 2 types of eCola cans:

  • eCola: It’s red, with the eCola logo on it, you can usually see it at hot dog stands.
  • eLight: It is eCola in its Light version, it is light blue, with the eLight logo, it can be seen normally in kiosks.

It is also sold in Burger Shot and Cluckin’ Bell dispensers in regular and light versions.


Advertising ECola GTA

The Ecola in GTA is advertised in:

  • Other eCola advertisements can be found around town, such as bowling alleys, baseball fields, trains, etc
  • Appear on the show Ventures Poker Challenge at Weazel.
  • some trucks appear circulating on the street with the eCola logo.

This has been everything! We hope this article helps you understand what the Ecola soft drink brand in GTA consists of. If you now want to know more about vehicles in the game, start by learning everything about the FUTO in GTA.