Ed Boon teases new Mortal Kombat.

Do you want to know when Battlefield 2018 will finally be revealed or what Ed Boon is up to? You can, your Wait serves it all up in a brand new WKNDW8!

Today is May 12th, the day Alcholics Anonymous was founded in 1935 and the day Loenik 5 crashed into the moon in 1965, fortunately without people in it. It’s also the day we write that Ed Boon posted a funny tweet potentially teasing a new Mortal Kombat. Yep, it’s time for the WKNDW8!

Ed Boon teases new Mortal Kombat

Ed Boon wonders what else there would be cabbage

Yep, we’ll go straight to Mortal Kombat because of course you can’t keep that to yourself. Ed Boon tweeted “You know what ELSE would be kool ……?” In response to a fan asking for more Injustice content. In itself it looks like it’s about the ELSE, but of course it’s about that last word that is clearly misspelled with the K for Kombat.

Battlefield 2018 reveal date teased by EA

There appears to be a single player in Battlefield 2018, according to information from EA. It looks like the game will be unveiled very soon and will be playable at E3 2018. The game is being made at DICE in Sweden and this info came to light through an easter egg in Battlefield 1. Which led to an EA website showing read that the game will probably be announced on May 23rd.

Ed Boon teases new Mortal Kombat

Timothy Olyphant probably takes lead role in new Tarantino

Quentin Tarentino works very often with the same actors, but sometimes he puts a new one in his group: Timothy Olyphant. Okay, it’s not quite official yet, but the Justified actor seems to be already in deep talks to play the lead role in Tarantino’s Once upon a Time in Hollywood. What a lucky find, because he gets to play alongside Leonardi DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. As if all that wasn’t hot enough, Margot Robbie is also added to the cast. It’s warm in the Wild West.

Hunt: Showdown gets a major content update

Crytek is busy with Hunt: Showdown, as it is already releasing a major content update that changes big things about the game. Camping is made more difficult and more:

Ed Boon teases new Mortal Kombat

DayZ’s creative director is leaving Bohemia Interactive

Brian Hicks, who is currently the creative director of zombie survival game DayZ, has announced that he is leaving Bohemia Interactive. He has worked there for a good five years, but he feels that he is no longer needed. Hicks returns to America to spend some more time with his family. Here you can read all about his departure.

Adorable: Smoke & Sacrifice goes behind-the-scenes

The semi-cute and steampunky Smoke and Sacrifice is a survival RPG from Solar Sail Games, and you’ll learn more about the game from the developers themselves in the video below:

Ed Boon teases new Mortal Kombat

The first reactions to the Han Solo film are good!

Yessss, your Wait is pretty hyped for Solo, especially since Mr. Glover is in it. But admittedly, she was a bit concerned about the change of directors in its development process. Fortunately, she can just leave the three times she plans to see it, because the first reactions are good. Here you read them, although you have to bear in mind that people are a little more happy because they were at the premiere.

Lucifer and The Exorcist canceled by Fox

Hopefully you have the same feelings about Lucifer as your Wait, because then you don’t think it is such bad news at all: the series will be canceled by Fox. The same goes for The Exorcist. And yes, you probably already knew that The Last Man on Earth and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are also stopping? Crazy things happen, but it can get even crazier: Last Man Standing returns with Tim Allen. Complicated.

N ++ Ultimate Edition Switch announcement trailer is trippy

It’s a bit of a trippy game, but one of the most beautiful indie gems of late. N ++ is coming to Switch and it’s celebrated with a slightly over the top trailer full of raving slogans from game journalists. Your Guard gets very nervous from the music, but maybe this Saturday will calm you down:

Ed Boon teases new Mortal Kombat

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon announced

An 8-bit spin-off from Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has been announced by Inti Creates and Artplay. the game will be released on May 24 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita and PC. That’s an extreme number of platforms! It seems to be your thing if you like Castlevania. See for yourself:

A gold Wii, why would you want it?

While Wii is of course a blocky thing that you can turn into a gold piece in no time, you may wonder if you really should want to. A new Didyouknowgaming looks at the most expensive console:

Yes, your Wacht can no longer exceed that golden Wii of course, so she is calling it quits. Don’t forget to dress a little warmer today, but keep your head COOL and have a great day today!

Ed Boon teases new Mortal Kombat