Editorial view: our smartphones.

Jan Kowalski

I’ve always had a lot of traffic on smartphones. The only one that lasted more than a year is Note 2. It spent almost two years, which is an absolute record, but recently it also went into “good hands”. Why? I just got bored and spent more and more time in the drawer and less and less in my pocket. Not without significance, I have to admit, were its dimensions. In the pocket of his trousers, he simply made life miserable and only the cargo pants were Note friendly thanks to the fairings on the legs. You don’t have to wear tubes to complain about it, and taking the phone out of your pocket when tying your shoes or putting it back because you have to crouch down to something is paranoia. Especially that in the meantime I bought several other, smaller models and they turned out to be much more handy, so they gradually displaced the Note from use. I am currently running on Blackberry Q5 and Samsung Galaxy Chat B5330. The first is my smartphone for work and entertainment. I use the second one as a walkman and “Runtastic” and a replacement earphone when I don’t want to take the better one (i.e. Q5) outdoors. If I lose or destroy it, I won’t despair too much and redirecting calls from one card to another is a matter of two clicks.

What would I replace? There is currently no such device that I would be interested in. Blackberry Passport is an interesting smartphone, but I didn’t get rid of one “cow” to buy another. So far, I’ve had the palettes.

Editorial view: our smartphones

Bartosz Szastak

Currently my smartphone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Am I satisfied with it? Yes, because four processor cores and 2 GB of RAM are quite a good result, although as you know, they are better. I mainly like the diagonal of the screen, allowing for freedom of work and comfortable typing on the phone. My Note 2 runs CyanogenMod 11, not stock OS, but I’m happy to hear that Samsung is going to officially release Android 5.0 on it, and you can find a port of Galaxy Note 4 on the internet. Immortal? Well, this manufacturer usually provides fresh versions of the system for its high-end devices for a long time.

Is he planning a change? For now, I probably won’t have such an opportunity, but if I could choose a new smartphone at the moment, I would bet on the Nexus 6 blindly. Powerful equipment under the control of a clean version of the green robot and a guarantee of quick updates sounds great. When it comes to the diagonal of the screen, which deters some people, it is not a disadvantage for me. Once I had the opportunity to use the Galaxy Note 3 for a period of time and its dimensions did not cause me any problems. Lenovo A880, if not for these huge frames, would not cause me any trouble either. It’s the perfect phone for me.

Editorial view: our smartphones

Slawomir Grzelak

I had the greatest adventure with Nokia and Symbian on board, but the change of the CEO of the Finnish manufacturer and the entire company policy meant that I had to warm up my place elsewhere. The first choice was the Sony Ericsson (then still) Xperia X8, which lasted half a year and I parted with it in favor of the Live with Walkman model. This one lasted quite a long time with me, a year and a half. Thanks to the influx of cash, I was able to buy the long-planned (since its presentation at E3) Asus Padfone, which I recently accidentally damaged (I’ve had it for almost a year). As of today, he will have to replace the SIM slot, where I broke 2 teeth (pins) reading the operator’s card. Unfortunately, today it is associated with high costs, because parts can only be imported from abroad, and counting in Euro, it will be a significant amount, unattainable for the time being. As soon as I manage to fix the smartphone, I will come back to this device, because this is what I’ve been waiting for (all in one). It works on outdated Android 4.1.1, but it does not cause me any problem to continue using it, because its functionality is already at a very high level. In addition, I must point out that I managed to buy a version with a keyboard and a stylus/Bluetooth handset on the largest auction site in Poland, which is no longer possible. Today I can say that going to school for adults and using the Padfone in all its glory in class instead of a notebook and a pen, I manage to take notes much faster and in a less tiring way than it would be traditionally, and this makes life much easier, and this is not the only way to use it, because it even replaces my computer. You can enjoy entertainment thanks to the Google Store, and thanks to the great speaker in the tablet. I want to have my phone with me, so I take it out of the tablet and it travels with me. I’m at home and need a bigger screen, so I put it in a tablet, SonicMaster gives me high-end sound, and the battery from Padfone Station charges the smartphone. You need a keyboard to significantly speed up text entry or use of shortcuts, I include it. I would like to answer the call without removing the smartphone from the tablet, while maintaining discretion and privacy of the conversation, I run the Asus Stylus Headset. I do not need anything else.

What in the future? Probably the next generation of Padfone, already with the latest system, but it probably won’t happen too soon. I already know that although it is not without flaws, it makes up for me with more significant advantages. But what am I going to write to you… You can appreciate or criticize my approach only if you can use such hybrids earlier, because only unproven and often negative opinions circulate in this way. It’s best to experience it for yourself and form your own opinion.

Editorial view: our smartphones

Marek Blaszczyk

Purchased less than a year ago, the Galaxy S3 is my fourth smartphone and at the same time the first one produced by Samsung. Turning a blind eye to the often criticized aesthetics of workmanship and a certain heaviness of the overlay, affectionately called “LagWiz”, I must say that it is the best refined and most reliable smartphone in every aspect of all the ones I have used so far. For now, I do not see any reasons to look for a successor, but if there are any in the future, I suspect that I will still stick with Android and dimensions not exceeding the conventional limit of 150 x 80 mm, above which the inconvenience of wearing the device begins to overshadow the advantages of a large screen in my opinion. If some manufacturer manages to squeeze a 6-inch display into the frames imposed by me, I will not have the slightest problem with it 🙂

Thomas Nowak

Over the last four years I have owned a very large number of smartphones. Galaxy S, S2, S3, S4, Xperia T, iPhone 4gs, several BlackBerry models. During this time, I modified these smartphones countless times, installed hundreds of applications, and generally, I probably “improved” something and tinkered with them every day. However, the time has come to end the constant changes of smartphones to newer and better ones. I decided to finish this run for technical innovations and focus on using the smartphone normally, i.e. zero software modifications, improvements and installing a million more unnecessary apps. A few days ago I bought a Motorola G2 for two SIM cards. Seemingly, I went back in technological development, because compared to my Galaxy S4 it is worse in terms of parameters. However, in practice it is a mega phone, pure Android, the battery holds well and the interface is zero lag. And another surprise is the frequent updates of the smartphone. So in the near future I do not plan to change my Motorola to other equipment. However, I do not fully renounce, because I am changeable sometimes like a woman (which in the case of women does not bother me at all) and maybe I will be tempted by a new smartphone, but I am not planning any new purchases in the near future.

Editorial view: our smartphones

Artur Zaleski

My list of smartphones is not very long. I bought my first smartphone at the end of 2010 – it was the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X8. It was on it that I made the first ROOT, and later even my own ROM. 2 years later I bought LG Swift L9, which is with me to this day. I have a great fondness for it, because I made the first custom rom, and now I’ve been developing CyanogenMod 11 for it for a year – it’s the only reason I haven’t sold it yet. Despite many problems with the battery and GPS, I am trying to improve it in software. I’m going to sell the phone when I run Android 5.0 on the L9. Now I’m thinking about another smartphone. My favorite is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo – good battery, SAMOLED screen, controversial Touchwiz (which is quite nice, it’s a pity that it’s poorly optimized), reasonably good performance, S-Pen stylus and a reasonably affordable price encourages you to buy this phone. I was thinking about LG G2 and XIAOMI Mi3, but they have little internal memory (16 GB).

Marcin Skrzekut

Just like Artur, I only have two smartphones on my current list. My first Android phone was the Samsung Galaxy Mini 2, which, moreover, accompanied me for a very long time – I got rid of it just a week ago after more than two years of more or less (when I bought another) intensive use. The adventure with it put me a bit negatively towards budget Samsung smartphones, because it first promised to update to ICS, then to Jelly Bean, and finally the only stock rom remained the good Gingerbread, but I also have a great fondness for it because it was on it that I started my experiments with modifications or custom roms – at the end of the phone I was using only Cyanogenmod 10.1 on board. I currently have an LG Swift L9 II and I am very happy with it. It is true that I swore that I would not change the system here and leave everything alone, but the temptation was too strong and barely two weeks after the purchase I uploaded recovery and Cyanogenmod 11, which remains on board to this day. What’s next? I will definitely not change my phone soon, but I would love to try a flagship. It is true that I came to the conclusion that I do not need to pay so much for the phone, because my L9 already offers me everything I need, but top parameters and great unofficial support are something that will always be tempting. For a long time I also want to try something from the Microsoft stable with WP on board – but I wonder if the inability to upload modifications after the adventure with Android will not drive me crazy.

Wojciech Łęczycki

My adventure with smartphones started with the purchase of the now iconic HTC Desire, then it was a real rarity considering that I managed to buy it a few days after its premiere and it served me for four years, and it still works in the hands of a new user. To be honest, the purchase of a smartphone from a Taiwanese manufacturer was a hit, because despite the passage of many months, the phone worked very well, the only thing that after 3.5 years I was forced to replace the battery.

Editorial view: our smartphones

And what phone do I currently have and use every day? Quite unusually, for some time I have been the owner of Alcatel One Touch Hero and it is more of a phablet than a typical smartphone. The device works well, although from time to time it can muddy for a while, but overall I am satisfied and if you are looking for a phablet at a reasonably priced price, it is worth getting interested in this equipment.

As for the future, here I am waiting for news from HTC, I have a lot of sentiment for this brand and I hope that the next installment of the flagship will be even better than its predecessors.