Eidos Montreal was working on a Final Fantasy game.

Eidos Montreal once worked on a Final Fantasy game, 15 people who made hacking programs for PUBG have been arrested in China, and more in this Night Watch!

Music on hold

Tokyo Police Club will soon release a new album, where the rock is sprinkled with a good portion of shoegaze. As you can hear on this first track of the new record. Have a nice Monday, everyone!

Eidos Montreal was working on a Final Fantasy game

Eidos Montreal was working on a Final Fantasy game

YouTuber Super Bunnyhop, also known as journalist George Weidman, found out that Eidos Montreal (Deus Ex, Tomb Raider) once worked on a Final Fantasy game. That could have been Final Fantasy XV!

According to Weirdman, anonymous sources have told him that after the release of Deus Ex: Hurman Revolution, Eidos Montreal came up with an RPG concept. Yoichi Wada, the then president of Square Enix, then gave the studio permission to develop a new Final Fantasy with Western audiences in mind.

Eidos Montreal was working on a Final Fantasy game

In the end, the Japanese branch of the publisher unfortunately rejected the concept. The development went on for a while as a new IP, but in the end Eidos was unable to close deals to find a publisher. The story is told in more detail in the video below.

Psychological thriller Asemblance: Oversight announced

Nilo Studio has announced the psychological thriller Asemblance: Oversight. Inspired by series such as Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone, the new game in the Asemblance anthology is a first-person puzzle adventure in which players and a team of scientists must use secret technology to simulate the human brain.

Eidos Montreal was working on a Final Fantasy game

The game has yet to be released on PC, PLayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime this spring. Watch the first trailer below.

Swery’s The Good Life runs on the Switch

Hidetaka Suehiro, also known as Swery, has been working on The Good Life for a while. On Instagram, the best man posted a photo of a prototype of the game running on the Switch. The game was previously announced for PC and PlayStation 4, but Swery says he is also experimenting with the Switch, because he thinks it is such a nice console.

Eidos Montreal was working on a Final Fantasy game

The Good Life still needs a few hundred thousand dollars in financing, but Swery has previously announced that he will do everything he can to get this passion project off the ground.

PUBG hackers arrested in China

Fifteen people suspected of creating and selling PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds hacking software have been arrested in China. On Steam, PUBG Corp announced that it had gathered information from these hackers and sellers and was in contact with authorities to address this situation. The fifteen suspects were arrested on April 25.

Chinese police said the hackers used the Heybox virus to obtain information from PUBG players’ PCs. Not only do these illegal programs throw a spanner in the works during a game, your personal information can also go to hackers. PUBG Corp says it remains alert to prevent these hackers as much as possible.

Eidos Montreal was working on a Final Fantasy game

Frostpunk sells well

11 Bit Studios, also known from This War of Mine, is delighted. Their new game Frostpunk has already been sold 250,000 times via Steam. And that in just over two days! “We had plans for an expansion, but now we are 100 percent sure that we will do it, including many free updates of course!” Said CEO Grzegorz Miechowski.

Right now, the focus is on bug fixing and game balancing, but the team has many ideas for future updates, including new scenarios and modes. For example, an endless mode is an option. The intention is to provide a timeline of what players can expect as soon as possible.

There is Street Fighter in my Mario Kart

What do you get when you combine Super Mario Kart with Street Fighter II? Well, the bizarre creation below!

Eidos Montreal was working on a Final Fantasy game

This is what the new Okami figurine from First 4 Figures looks like

If you have 485 dollars left and you are prepared to make a reservation before May 29, the image below of the PS2 classic Okami could be yours. It is a lot of money yes, but those details, my god … You can order here.

Classic Star Wars games now playable on Xbox One

Microsoft is continuing to make original Xbox games playable on Xbox One via backwards compatibility. With a new update, you can now get started with the Star Wars games Battlefront, Battlefront II, Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, Jedi Starfighter, Knights of the Old Republic II and Republic Commando.

If you have nothing to do with Star Wars, the games MX Unleashed, Destroy All Humans !, Full Spectrum Warrior and Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction are also playable. You can buy the games through Xbox Live, or if you already had them digitally, download them now on Xbox One. If you still have the original Xbox discs, you can of course just slide them into your Xbox One.

Suicide Guy is coming to Switch on May 10

A bit lugubrious, but tasty: Suicide Guy is about a character who constantly has to kill himself in order to escape from his dreams. The game is already available on Steam and PlayStation 4, but will also be released on the Switch eShop on May 10, it has been announced. The game contains 24 dream levels to work through. The trailer below is of the PS4 version.

Eidos Montreal was working on a Final Fantasy game

Nintendo, Sony, Valve and EA are getting blamed for Norway

Politicians are increasingly focusing their arrows on games. Recently in the Netherlands and Belgium as far as lootboxes are concerned, and now it’s the turn of the digital stores of Valve, EA, Nintendo and Sony in Norway. The digital stores would not comply with European consumer laws, the Norwegian Consumer Commission (NCC) has decided.

The biggest culprit is that players often don’t have the option to get their money back. According to European laws, all consumers should have fourteen days to return a product and receive a refund. The NCC notes that this is not possible or not properly reported on Steam, EA Origin and PlayStation Store. On Steam, you do have fourteen days to return a product, but it does require ticking a box, and you shouldn’t have to.

Nintendo is turned upside down for not being able to cancel your pre-order on the eShop before a game is released. According to the NCC, it is time for game companies to comply with European laws. Well, there is something in it.

Eidos Montreal was working on a Final Fantasy game

You get a trailer, and you get a trailer, and you get a trailer, and …

And we close this first Night Watch of the week with three trailers! Watch videos from below:

  • Trailblaizers – Co-op racer for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and Mac, coming out sometime this spring
  • Eastward – Adventure game for PC and Mac (and possibly consoles later), release date not yet known
  • CoolPaintr VR – Artistic game for PlayStation VR, will be released on May 9th
  • Inked – Puzzle game, out now on Steam

Have a nice Monday everyone!