RPG, racing, multiplayer, simulators … Throughout this lockdown, we have seen countless games to entertain us while we have to endure quarantine due to the coronavirus. But we still need a category to see in iOS and iPadOS: The platform games. Let’s see what’s the best we can find in this genre for Apple’s mobile platforms.

Kero blaster

The creator of the mythical Cave Story has this great little gem called Kero blaster in the App Store, where we control a frog who wants to solve your business problems. If you like the style Pixel art, the purchase of 6.99 euros is practically compulsory.

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Super mario run

In Kero Blaster you will have a good story, but in the case of Super mario run you won’t need it because its protagonist is well known. Collect coins, dodge enemies and defeat Bowser in Nintendo’s official mobile adventure for iOS and iPadOS. You can play the first level for free, the other levels are unlocked with an in-app purchase of 10.99 euros. Indispensable for plumber enthusiasts.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Another well known title for those of us who are already a certain age. Courtesy of Mario, Castlevania may have been the Platform the most popular of the Super Nintendo. Eliminate the enemies of darkness and defeat Dracula to eliminate the darkness. One-time purchase of 3.49 euros in the App Store.

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This standalone game is a true work of art. Without dialoguesWith no one to explain what’s going on, you have to step into a dark world and figure it out on the go. Downloading from the App Store is free, but to play the full game you need to pay an in-app purchase of $ 7.99.


The adventures of this little Viking have made their way into the list of the most downloaded action games on the App Store. Its strengths in its sleeve are good gameplay, a neat soundtrack and exquisite graphics. One-time purchase of 5.49 euros in the App Store.

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Badland 2

Another game that is also worth mentioning for its excellent graphics is Badland 2, the one based on simple silhouettes allows us to control our character and overcome infinite obstacles. You got it very cheap in the App Store, only 0.99 euros.


This retro game is relatively short, but presents a real challenge for those who like this style. Your ship has crashed in an unknown wasteland and you must move forward to find your companions and be able to return home … but your only weapon is reverse gravity. It costs 3.49 euros and it’s a purchase you won’t regret.

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Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap

We ended up with a game with one of the best visuals I’ve ever seen on iOS, especially for the expressiveness of its characters. You play as a character with the curse of becoming half-animal, and you have to go through several levels to find the cure that will bring you back to your human aspect. Its price is 8.99 euros in the App Store.

Source: Appleinsider