Elden Ring: unlock horse, ride and how Stormwind works.

The question of how to do that Unlocks horse in Elden Ring, can keep you busy for a while, depending on which path you take after starting the game and how long it takes to head for the Places of Grace.

Elden Ring is From Software’s first game with a fully-fledged, open world – there is even a world map – so there is no harm in keeping the time to cover long distances as short as possible. Even escaping from tough enemies on horseback is faster than on foot and you can even fight from horseback. This is where Stormwind comes in, yours Ross in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: unlock horse, ride and how Stormwind works

On this page you can find out how to do it Unlocks horse in Elden Ring. Yes, you can even use it as part of the network test and gain initial experience in mounted combat.

On this page:

Elden Ring: unlock horse, ride and how Stormwind works

How to unlock the horse in Elden Ring

As I said, the horse in Elden Ring is not accessible from the start. Once you’ve finished the tutorial and you’re in the big open world, keep an eye out for places of grace. These are save points, similar to the beacons in Dark Souls.

To unlock the horse you have to have activated three Places of Mercy and take a rest at the third of them. It doesn’t matter which place of grace is the third (for example, in front of the ruins at the storm gate). At the rest appears Melina, one of the important characters and at the same time level-up lady in Elden Ring, where you can invest earned runes in leveling up.

Elden Ring: unlock horse, ride and how Stormwind works

You have to rest several times in Elden Ring before you can gain access to the horse.

She also gives you the Spectral whistlewith which the horse can be called. This works in most places on the overworld, apart from the main dungeons or the dungeons along the way. Place the whistle on one of the quick keys so that it is always at hand.

Elden Ring: unlock horse, ride and how Stormwind works

For instructions on how the horse works “on the farm”, read on in the next section.

How Stormwind Works in Elden Ring

It is quite possible that Stormwind will quickly rise to your travel companion in Elden Ring, if only to shorten the long walking distances. With the help of the horse, you are much more mobile than you are used to from From-Soft games. Given the size of the game world, you’ll appreciate it.

First of all, it is very nice that after using the whistle you can sit down and ride straight away (no lengthy animations beforehand). In addition to the horse’s basic speed boost, the animal can also do a double jump. When exploring, there are more vertical possibilities and the escape from powerful enemies can take place more quickly.

Elden Ring: unlock horse, ride and how Stormwind works

Give it a try at the ruins of the post office. You can reach the downstairs stairs behind the massive wooden blockade by jumping on the horse on the ruins and hopping from the top to the stairs. You have already revealed one of the many, many secrets that would be unthinkable without the horse.

The horse makes you faster in Elden Ring and can also be used in combat.

Stormwind can also be harnessed to combat. From horseback you can use melee and ranged weapons and even magic spells are possible, which takes the fight in Elden Ring to a new level. Try it out on smaller opponents. With the horse you are much faster when circling an enemy, which makes faster attacks possible. Enemies that are too heavy can be simplified in this way.

Elden Ring: unlock horse, ride and how Stormwind works

The horse may be ethereal, but it is not invulnerable. Stormwind takes damage and can even die in combat. This also applies to fall damage as a result of falling too big (apart from the air currents into which it can jump without injuring itself). But don’t worry, you can bring Stormwind back to you in two ways: rest in a place of grace or whistle to call it again, which will consume a bottle of purple tears.

That’s pretty much all of the information currently available on Stormwind. And now out with you, explore the intermediate lands and chase giants from horseback.