ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018 – we have eight new legends, the finals start soon.

The qualifying round of the first CS: GO tournament of the year is over and we already know which teams can be there in Boston.

The $ 1 million ELEAGUE Major kicked off on January 12 with a total of 24 teams, with several smaller, hitherto relatively unknown teams getting in, while many more popular brigades missed out on the fun. The group matches produced a rather surprising end result, and the current champions failed to advance either.

In the “New Challengers” stage, 16 teams competed against each other, including 8 teams that did not make it to the top in the most recent tournament in Krakow, and the same number of brigades who qualified from different regions. There were several big names among the challengers, including FaZe Clan and G2 Esports, which had to fight to get to the top 8, but there were also more unfamiliar teams, such as Flash Gaming to replace TyLoo or Quantum Bellator Fire. We’ll get back to the latter because the guys came as a huge surprise.

ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018 – we have eight new legends, the finals start soon

Eventually, eight of the new challengers advanced, and there were quite a few among the dropouts that fans would have expected more from. Unfortunately, the Renegades with great players and Team EnVyUs, which performed quite well at times, didn’t go any further. In addition, one of the players fell ill with the latter, so the coach had to jump in later, who did his best to succeed, but unfortunately he is not a professional player, so he certainly got into trouble with his opponents.

The runners-up were joined by the finalists of the Krakow Major in the “New Legends” stage, and again, 16 clashed for the runner-up. Here, two brigades, G2, referred to as the French super team, and FaZe Clan, a group of excellent players, marched on first, quickly winning three wins and not losing a single match.

ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018 – we have eight new legends, the finals start soon

They were followed by SK Gaming, which was also considered a big chance, and although the Brazilians slipped into a defeat against FaZe, they confidently made their way into the finals. North America’s last hope, Cloud9, has also advanced, as have Fnatic, mousesports and Natus Vincere. The biggest surprise, however, was caused by the Quantum Bellator Fire of Russian players, who are still new to tournaments of this size. The guys lost just one game at this stage and also managed to beat teams like Virtus.pro or last year’s champion Gambit Esports.

However, the surprises are not over here, as Astralis, who has been ranked high in the world rankings, and the veteran Virtus.pro, who has been standing up with the same players for several years, could not make it to the finals either. The champion of the last race in Krakow, Gambit, did not bring the expected level either, they managed to get past some of their opponents, but unfortunately they collected too many defeats, so they could not go any further.

ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018 – we have eight new legends, the finals start soon

The band will be hosted by ELEAGUE’s Atlanta studio, however, the major’s next stop will already be in Boston, where the pros will be able to play in front of an audience. In the “New Champions” stage, which starts on January 26, only the top eight teams will be fighting each other to take home as many slices as possible from the $ 1 million prize pool. It would be hard to predict who will be able to elevate the trophy in the end, as more teams will have a good chance of starting the championship title.

It will definitely be worth watching the games of SK Gaming, FaZe Clan and G2 because all three brigades played nicely throughout the major. Probably even the Quantum Bellator Fire players didn’t really believe they managed to make it into the legends, so the Russian matches can hold a lot of excitement and we’re curious to see how far the guys can get in Boston.

ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018 – we have eight new legends, the finals start soon

You will be able to watch the matches on the ELEAGUE Twitch page. Which team do you support?

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