Ellen Page stars in 1UP movie about esports and Gamergate.

BuzzFeed Studios is working on a film that revolves around esports and Gamergate called 1UP, starring Ellen Page.

That reports The Hollywood Reporter. BuzzFeed is a well-known international website, but nowadays also ventures into movies with BuzzFeed Studios. The first film is 1UP, in which the character Vivan Lee leaves the esports team at her university because of her team’s sexist behavior. She must form a team of women to save her scholarship.

Ellen Page – known for films like Inception and Hard Candy, as well as her starring role in the game Beyond: Two Souls – plays Vivan Lee. Paris Berelc – best known for various youth films – and series – plays the coach of the female team. The film is directed by Kyle Newman, who is best known for various music videos, which he made for Taylor Swift, among others. Production of the film is due to start in Toronto this month.

Ellen Page stars in 1UP movie about esports and Gamergate