On October 18, a unique adventure game is coming to the Nintendo Switch. In Ring Fit Adventure use your ingenious accessories that convert your physical exercises into actions in the game. In Ring Fit Adventure, you will discover a vast world and fight against enemies by performing fitness exercises yourself. The new Ring-Con and leg strap measure all your movements and translate them into in-game actions.

For example, jog in place to make your character run across grassy plains or push the Ring-Con to unleash powerful in-game attacks. By playing the game daily, you regularly train various body parts. With mini-games and the ability to create your own workouts, Ring Fit Adventure is exercise fun for everyone, regardless of your fitness level, goals and time frame.

“It is in Nintendo’s DNA to continuously invent new ways to play that entertain players and put a smile on their face. Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch is a new type of game that combines fitness with adventure,” said Stephan Bole, President of Nintendo of Europe. “I hope that when players have the Ring-Con in their hand, put on the leg strap and start playing, they will have a fun adventure that will motivate them to play again and again and have fun doing exercises every day .”

Ring Fit Adventure turns a typical adventure game on its head. Players have to squat, push and tense their muscles themselves to make progress in the game. Thanks to the countless exercises, various muscle groups are addressed and everyone can play the game, regardless of fitness level. To play the game, attach the Nintendo Switch console’s Joy-Con controllers to the included accessories: one to the Ring-Con and one to the leg strap. The leg strap is attached to the left thigh and the Ring-Con is held with both hands. The Ring-Con is a flexible, electronic device that provides resistance and contains a sensor that can detect exertion.

Ring Fit Adventure is fully customizable to the player’s skill level, so even if you’re new to fitness, you can set the intensity to your liking. This allows you to play every day at a level that suits you. The adventure mode in Ring Fit Adventure is set in a colorful world where fitness meets adventure. You have to make your way through the more than 20 different areas in the game in different ways. Jog in place to move forward and use the Ring-Con to perform various in-game actions, such as jumping, floating or steering a raft. You will encounter all kinds of enemies along the way.

You can attack and defend with more than 40 exercises, which are divided into arms, abs, legs and yoga categories. The game provides instructions on how to perform the exercises correctly. Performing the exercises with the correct posture will inflict more damage on your enemies. Each action you perform will be rewarded with experience for your character. Leveling up makes your character stronger and unlocks new exercises. Adventure mode is a natural way to motivate players to play and train regularly. As a player you experience an exciting adventure while you also become fitter yourself.

In addition to the adventure, there is also a game mode called ‘Quick Train’. This mode in Ring Fit Adventure offers the opportunity to play shorter sessions. This allows anyone to do a quick workout. For example, take turns playing a minigame and try to get a higher score than your friends and family. Mini-games require you to do a variety of different activities, such as blasting crates with air by using the Ring-Con or making pottery by performing squats. Game modes such as ‘Tests’ and ‘Programs’ offer other ways to do workouts. In ‘Tests’ you can choose which exercises you want to do. You can practice each exercise separately.

High scores are kept, so you can always try to break your personal best. In ‘Programs’ you perform a series of exercises around a certain theme or body part. In this mode you can target a specific muscle group, such as your legs, shoulders, lower body or core. The game even features a “silent” mode for players who have to deal with neighbors downstairs or just don’t want to make too much noise. In this mode, exercises that require you to jog are replaced by silent variants. This way you can continue to train your legs without it thumping all the time.

Ring Fit Adventure is a new kind of adventure game coming to Nintendo Switch. The game uses unique accessories that detect and measure players’ movements and then convert them into in-game actions. Ring Fit Adventure will be available in stores October 18 and includes the game, the Ring-Con accessory and the leg strap.