Eve Flare, one more piece for the versatility of our HomeKit lighting

Eve Flare is the bet for portable lighting of the Eve brand. A device with which, in In addition to the main lighting, we can add a touch of color to our rooms. A lamp that can be used both indoors and outdoors, by means of HomeKit or buttons, supported or hung, connected to current or by battery, a lamp that offers flexibility to our lighting from its very conception .

Design: a ball of light

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If we are to describe Eve Flare in one sentence, although the photos in the article have already given us more than just clues, we can call her a ball of light. This is a sphere about 30 or 35 cm in diameter which will light up every time we ask Siri.

Eve Flare can be used just as easily, connected to the current as through its battery, thanks to its wireless charging base.

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Externally, beyond what we have commented, it has a frosted finish with which, maintaining transparency, we can’t see the inside of the lamp, not even off. Thanks to this finish, the light emitted by this sphere is diffused and well distributed.

Functionality: consider almost all possible options

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The first thing to say about Eve Flare is that it’s a light company. In other words, if it is able to illuminate a room to be able to move around comfortably, it is not, from a distance, a reading lamp. Its power is enough to give the room a touch of color, but it should not be confused with a floor lamp or the like.

In my particular use case, where Eve Flare gives a complementary light to the main lighting of the roomThis lamp does exactly what it does, ideal for example in the morning when the light comes on next to the alarm clock.

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The autonomy of this lamp surprised me more than pleasantly. We speak, according to my testimony, of over nine hours of continuous battery life at 100% brightness in a light color. Recharging the battery from 0 to 100% takes approximately 5 hours.

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In my opinion, the ability of this lamp to be used constantly connected to the power supply, as well as being able to lift and move it, gives it a very important versatility. In fact the versatility is such that we can control Eve Flare directly on the device, without using HomeKit, ideal, for example, if you take it to the garden where the Wi-Fi signal does not even reach. With a few buttons we can turn the light on and off as well as change its color. A detail which is completed by the possibility of hanging it thanks to a small wall lamp at its base.

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Thanks to its completely neutral design, the battery that powers it and the possibility of even hanging the lamp from the ceiling or similar, the options offered by Eve Flare are very interesting. Whether it’s to add a touch of color to our bedroom in the morning, join us for an al fresco dinner on the terrace or light up the living room very softly in the afternoon, this lamp will do its job.

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Eve Flare, one more piece for the versatility of our HomeKit lighting

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