Eve’s light strip is one of the best ways to light up a room in our home. With excellent design, full attention to detail and awesome featuresThis strip of light can do wonders with our home lighting, and thanks to its integration with HomeKit, Siri can do wonders with it.

Design: when the best finishes are made to be hidden


There are many ways to illuminate a room, but diffused light is probably the best. A specific reason? Diffused lighting is what we find outdoorsTherefore, lighting of this type in the house gives us a feeling of comfort less present in other lighting systems.

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It is in this category that between Eve’s Light Strip, a light strip capable of projecting all colors and with a more than impressive brightness of 1800 lumens.


It is clear that Eve has tested, proven and perfected the design until the final product.It’s something that shows in all the details. From the fact that a small double-sided adhesive tape is included to attach the power adapter, to the possibility of cutting the tape to the size that suits us.

It’s impossible to create a length that fits every need, so Eve found a simple solution. On the one hand, we can connect as many strips one after the other as we want, each two meters long, on the other hand, we can cut the last strip in increments of 30 centimeters. With this combination we can achieve the length we want.

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In the Eve Light Strip box, we find, in addition to the light strip itself, the controller / connector in charge of regulating its operation and the mains adapter. The assembly is very simple: we connect the light strip to the controller, the controller to the power adapter and plug it in at home.

HomeKit and dedicated application: balance of functions and ease of use


One of the things I love most about Eve is that even though offer one of the best applications to manage and interact with your products, the products can be used 100% from the Home app. Is the Casa app better? It depends on individual needs, but what is clear is that with HomeKit accessories having only one app to interact with each of them, regardless of their origin or manufacturer, is a big point in favor. .

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At Eve they are fully aware of this and have designed their app and products with a very simple philosophy: we can handle whatever is needed with the brand’s accessories from the Casa app and if you want more you can install your dedicated app.

For me this approach deserves applause, the configuration of the light strip in question is as simple as point to the QR code that comes from the House app and give it a name and location, nothing more. That we are a little more curious users? What do we want with automation and a little more advanced options? There is the application, without impositions.

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And yes, I use the Eve app. This allows me, among other things, to update the firmware of the devices. In addition, we can program timers so that accessories are turned on, off or change their status at certain times of the day, either once or repeatedly.

Privacy: The Peace of Eve accessories


Although the use of the accessory through HomeKit is already a guarantee for our security and privacy, the fact that the manufacturer advocates the same principles is a double guarantee. As Eve puts it on her own website, the company is not interested in our data, but only in selling the best products.

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Eve accessories are exclusively compatible with HomeKit. Your personal data is not captured, stored in a cloud or sold in any way. Even when you access the home remotely through your hub, all data is end-to-end encrypted and stored on your iPhone or iPad. Superior privacy, advanced security and absolute peace of mind – it’s all in Eve.

Privacy is undoubtedly a very important issue for most users of smart products. We want to automate our home, but not at the expense of our privacy. With Eve, we can have both the best accessories for our home and the security that our data doesn’t even come from it.

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What more could you ask for from a HomeKit accessory? For me, nothing. The truth is that the Eve Light Strip seems to me a round accessory that gives me a nice touch of light at home, at a good price and with the guarantee of one of the best manufacturers in the home automation market.