Even if Sony This has already given us some brushstrokes on PS5, on June 4th we will experience the first event with the face and eyes of the new PlayStation console. Below we detail not only what we know and can expect from the PS5 event, but also what your first party studios are working on.

Try to guess what games await us And they could be featured at the event, it’s not easy, but each of the studios left different clues that we can hang on to speculate. It’s here.

What we know about the PS5 event

June 4 22h00 In Spain (3 p.m. on CDMX), we will experience the first event of PS5 via Twitch and YouTube. As they commented on Sony itself, it will be an event dedicated to getting to know the first console games.

They claim that we will see the work of large and small studios which will be used for demonstrate the potential of the PS5 and, although it looks like there will be no news on the machine itself, they claim that this event will be followed by others in the future with More information.

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What we know about Sony PlayStation Studios

Bend Studio

Everything we can expect from the PS5 event and what we know about new Sony games and studios

  • Last match: Days Gone

After a zombie odyssey that didn’t reach the mastery level that Sony studies tend to cherish, the case of Bend Studio this is one of the most difficult to guess. Created by the folks at Siphon Filter, it would be a joy to see the franchise come to life, but that’s not the only way out.

From Naughty Dog it was announced that they are collaborating on an additional study, and since they were in charge of making the PS Vita Uncharted here, that union doesn’t seem entirely crazy.

Bluepoint Games

  • Last match: Shadow of the colossus

Although not an internal study, the union of Blue dot The PlayStation is more than huge. The Texas team has proven to be a very valuable resource in shaping remakes, remasters, and adaptations of titles like Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection.

With the word reimagining by flag, the studio’s technical director assured GDC 2019 that he was working on a new project based on an already released game. The demonic soul bells are ringing, but it’s not clear if this will be Bluepoint’s way.

Guerrilla games

  • Last match: Horizon Zero Dawn

After the good reviews and the figures collected by Horizon Zero Dawn et son expansion The Frozen Wilds, en War They expanded the studio for the arrival of the PS5.

It looks like Killzone is off the table after all these years, but it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve had a similar surprise. Either way, it looks like all pools are good for the return of Aloy and his robotic dinosaurs.

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Insomniac games

Everything we can expect from the PS5 event and what we know about new Sony games and studios

  • Last match: Spider-Man de Marvel

Another who has all the numbers to continue enjoying the impact of his last game is the Insomniac games. The Spider-Man game jumped straight into Olympus from the PS4 games and its good results were the trigger for Sony’s purchase of the studio.

If the more than 200 million dollars invested goes to Insomniac towards Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, or the studio will choose to continue growing on a creative level with a new IP, that’s something we can’t wait to see.

Japan Studio

  • Last match: Astro Bot

With Japan Studio things get complicated as we are facing one of the most prolific of the current generation. His work for PlayStation VR and the need to continue to disturb us prompts us to think one way, but his legacy takes us in other directions.

At the end of the day it’s the folks at Knack or the Gravity Rush saga, but more importantly, great classics like LocoRoco or Ape Escape. The river of the game of the monkeys has been playing for a good season, but the most logical thing seems to be continuing to create virtual reality experiences.

London Studio

  • Last match: Blood and truth

Another who, after PlayStation VR Worlds and Blood & Truth, has plenty of ballots to stay on the same line is London Studio. The difference between the two experiences is brutal and the evolution of the other, fans of the PlayStation headset should be grateful to continue in the same direction.

Despite that, it’s another one that has a more than extensive list of options from the franchise. Featured singer even whims like games for EyeToy or Wonderbook. We will see what they do.

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Molecular media

  • Last match: Dreams

Logic seems to indicate that the next step Molecular media It would be to continue working with Dreams, but we don’t know what English is doing.

We know that new experiences are on the way for the game in the direction of Art’s Dream, but not if the studio has gone their separate ways to start developing a new craze while the rest of the team takes care of this task. . .

The bad dog

Everything we can expect from the PS5 event and what we know about new Sony games and studios

  • Last match: The Last of Us 2

With The Last of Us 2 in the near future it seems correct to think that there is still a lot to know about new stuff The bad dog, but maybe a touch of surprise. We know they’re split into two teams working in parallel, but we don’t know what the creators of Uncharted 4 are with.

For months, the vacancies revealed they were co-developing with another studio and looking for people with experience in third-person action games. This isn’t the first time they’ve broken the promise of a saga for every generation, so it can happen. whatever.


  • Last match: Concrete engineering

A complete and utter mystery is what awaits us Pixelopus. After the beautiful but unremarkable Entwined and Concrete Genie, an enjoyable but minor adventure, the Californians’ next stop could be anything.

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Polyphony Digital

  • Last match: Gran Turismo Sport

And from a huge mystery, we jump to a reality that, while unconfirmed, seems just as likely as tomorrow’s sunrise. The only thing that could delay the arrival of evidence Gran Turismo 7 of Polyphony Digital it would be an update of the last installment.

Sucker Punch

  • Last match: Ghost of Tsushima

The recent expansion of Sucker Punch, which in 2018 made its debut in new offices, could very well have been used to follow a similar line to Naughty Dog in the face of two parallel developments, but there is no data on that.

If things go as planned then the only thing ahead is Ghost of Tsushima and it will probably take us some time to see them again. In the drawer, however, are the Sly Racooon and Infamous franchises.

San Diego Studio

  • Last match: MLB The Show 20

Another study that you can get your hands on the fire with without too much risk of burns is that of San Diego. His whims, like ModNation Racers or the funny PainThey’ve left more and more space for their annual baseball saga payouts, so expect things to continue similarly with the 2020/2021 league edition.

Sony Santa Monica

  • Last match: God of the war

We end with another of the great references of PlayStation Studios. After the success of God of the war its director, Cory Barlog said he wanted to make a new IP address and had even hinted at a possible sci-fi adventure on Twitter.

The reality, however, is that you’ll have to go back to before 2005 to find a game that doesn’t belong to the Kratos franchise in Sony Santa Monica. Having left his story open, only the applause received could have given the creator a big round.

Everything we can expect from the PS5 event and what we know about new Sony games and studios

Everything we can expect from the PS5 event and what we know about new Sony games and studios