“Oasis was also the largest public library in the world, where even a miserable child like me had access to every book written on the planet, every song recorded and every movie, TV series, video game and piece of art created. A place where the knowledge, art and entertainment of human civilization have been brought together. And they were there, they were waiting for me. ”

The quote from the book Ready Player One is the perfect way to define the Metaverse, the next big technological breakthrough to which not only the world of video games, but also the world of entertainment aspires. A challenge that, after Sony’s $ 250 million investment, seems increasingly close to Epic Games.

What is the metaverse

The idea of ​​a matrix that is revolutionizing the concept we have of the Internet today may seem something closer to science fiction than realityBut the truth is, the clues to his future have been sorted out in recent years.

Our presence on the net is already that of an avatar who, on several occasions, is very different from reality. the social networks They are now part of our daily lives and the world of video games has allowed us to push this idea of ​​a virtual being created to our liking further.

As it happened in Ready Player One, the idea of Metaverse It is that of a virtual space in which users can enjoy a space to express themselves. A constantly growing and evolving core that serves as content for everything we have done on the internet so far, from that personal expression to entertainment.

In essence, the concept of Metaverse It is as crazy today as virtual reality, smartphones and autonomous vehicles were 10 years before their invention and commercialization. We knew this would all happen someday, but we didn’t know when.

The MetaverseOn the flip side, he seems to have a date and goals for more than we think. Just three years ago, in 2017, the CEO of Epic Games Said this:

“What we need are indoor and outdoor front cameras that scan your body. This is what we are missing. The technology has already been shown to be capable of operating at a high commercial level costing tens of thousands of dollars. It is likely to be in about three years. distance “.

The Epic Games and Sony metaverse?

However, this was not the first time that Tim Sweeney has spoken openly about the idea of ​​a Metaverse. A year before these statements, he also said the following:

“He’s fast approaching. In a little over a year, Sony plans to launch a mobile phone with a 4K display. This is an LCD, not an OLED, so it is not applicable to VR, but give me a 4K OLED and soon we will have a prototype of VR at twice its current resolution. .

All these components are designed for mobile and adapted to virtual reality. When this first wave of products specifically designed for VR comes along, we’ll have much smaller, lighter, and thinner devices to support it. All of this will allow us to reach 8K per eye in five, six or seven years. ”

The reference to Sony becomes even more important after the announcement of a new collaboration between Epic Games and Japanese society. The creators of Play Station have invested $ 250 million in the purchase of minority shares of the creators of Fortnite. A strategy that their own managers have defined as follows:

“Sony and Epic have created a company halfway between creativity and technology, and share the vision and leadership of 3D social experiences through games, movies and music. Together, we will strive to build an even larger digital ecosystem that is accessible to all consumers and content creators. ”

At no time was there any mention Metaverse, but it’s easy for the illusion to start dreaming about what might come out of a collaboration like this at a key moment like the one featured: Epic Games with crates overflowing with cash and a handful of big name friends like Tencent, Sony with the arrival of a new generation and a PS5 promising the continuity of the PlayStation virtual reality business.

There we have to add the touch Fortnite He’s been experimenting for a year. At the game of Epic Games You’re not just going to play anymore, it also has a more social setting for meeting your friends, enjoying concerts and even watching movies. An evolution with which it becomes difficult not to draw certain comparisons.

Why haven’t I heard this before?

The next question that arises is: if this is as important and revolutionary as it sounds, Why haven’t we heard more about it? The answer to this, in fact, is that we’ve been experiencing this type of universe for a long time, but they’re all sandcastles that the stream has broken over time.

“It’s one of those ideas that people have long played down, because experiments like Second Life haven’t really taken off on a large scale. Simpler systems like Facebook did, although we had the 3D graphics capability then. So we forgot about it in the past 15 years.

When virtual reality arrived and we started to see the possibilities of things like real-time motion capture, it became clear that we were only a few years away from being able to capture human movements and emotions for transform them into an interactive experience close to reality. ”

Again, Sweeney hits the nail on the head and is transparent about the goals of Epic Games. With Unreal Engine 5 proving that it’s all to come, it seems like the only thing we can hang on to is patience.

Along with previous statements, he surmised that there will be few who will try to create their own virtual world, and the vast majority of them, but all, will fail on the first try. At this point, it will be time to keep trying and ultimately the metaverse will finally arrive.

Keep in mind that the web was around 10 years before social media became mainstream. Even though the technology was available in 1995, it only happened when someone came up with the idea to do it, they did it in a big way and with a certain level of quality a decade later. We are not limited by technology, but by our ideas, experimentation and the speed with which we test things (…).

It will happen in the years to come, although it will require the collaboration of many companies to achieve it. No business has everything you need. ”

Source : Gadgetsnow