Since its release in 2015, the only possible way to play Bloodborne is on PS4, and for now has not been officially announced for any other platform. Well, there is a nuance. Thanks to the PlayStation Now streaming service, we can play it on a computer, but it has a catch. You must have the Sony console yes or yes too.

What the community wants (we want) is a version in condition for PC, like those of Dark Souls III or Sekiro. The problem, of course, is that Bloodborne belongs to Sony. But is it such a decisive thing at this point? Especially now that Horizon: Zero Dawn is confirmed to hit Steam. The possibilities are not entirely excluded.

Rumors of Bloodborne They appear on PC from time to time and never have much credibility. In April, for example, Amazon France listed this version with the Persona 5 Royal and Super Mario Odyssey versions. As if it was obvious, it turned out to be wrong. A troleada that they will kill. However, these days the topic begins to be discussed with a little more foundation.

The bait that started it all

Before getting to the heart of the matter, let’s remember that these are just rumors, so don’t believe everything that is said. However, as the volume of these leaks increases more and more and their origins are now more striking than ever, we have found it appropriate, at least, to comment on what is said. Let’s see what it looks like.

First we have to go back to yesterday, when the streamer (and sometimes a reporter in media like VG247) Explosion de Casey He posted a rather striking tweet: “H**l! Has a list of Bloodborne for PC been leaked on Steam? It happens! You have the links in the answers ».

There are links in the yes answers, but they have nothing to do with Bloodborne. The leak was just a way to grab attention as a joke and then post links to a number of organizations we can donate to. support the anti-racist movement how much strength is gathering these days. A nice gesture, despite the bait. If you want to contribute to the cause, there are plenty of places to do so. Now alright The thing is not there.

For those who have just joined me, yes Bloodborne * will come * on PC, I had it confirmed by a very reliable source, and I have a lot of confidence in the company that makes the port, you will not be disappointed. It really does happen.

– SlothBorne (@CaseyExplosion) June 4, 2020

For those who are starting to follow me now, yes, Bloodborne is coming to PC. This has just been confirmed by a very reliable source and I have great confidence in the company that does the port. You will not be disappointed. This is really what is happening.

Due to all the attention generated by the thread, « A reliable source » confirmed to Casey Explosion that indeed Bloodborne is ported to PC, and even told him what study he was doing. The streamer does not want to give details on the source. He just says he offered to give $ 100 to a charity in exchange for confirmation, and he did.

Everything we think we know about the Bloodborne PC version

More voices add to the rumor

It’s all still in the air, but Casey Explosion wasn’t the only person who said or implied this information. Wario64, a well-known insider who mainly focuses on publishing game offers and information from trusted sources, has something to say about it as well.

In the wake of the riot rumor, he cited one of his own discounted PS Now tweets to be deleted. maybe we have to wait a little longer to play Bloodborne on PC. Naturally, responses to that tweet came in droves, with some asking him if what he said was real, even biting that « I am only following you for your true information, not for false information, thank you ».

You can play Bloodborne on PC with PS Now… or wait a bit longer

– Wario64 (@ Wario64) June 4, 2020

You can play Bloodborne on PC with PS Now… or you can wait a bit longer.

To make matters worse, other insiders who tend to post reliable information, like Nibel, have retweeted it all. Many users began to speculate that the study in charge of the port would be QLOC, responsible for Dark Souls Remastered in all its versions except the Nintendo Switch. Wario64 followed him without confirming or denying anything.

As usually happens in these cases, the Wario64 tweet had its own thread in Resetera, one of the most famous video game forums in the world. Jawmuncher, moderator of the aforementioned forum, responded to the thread with the following: “I was also informed. That’s all « . We still don’t have anything tangible, but there are already a few who claim to be aware of it. And there’s more.

Imran Khan, a freelance video game reporter who previously worked for Game Informer media, posted a tweet that had nothing to do with Bloodborne directly, but yes with From Software in general.

I’m not going to comment specifically on the Bloodborne PC rumors, but suffice it to say that From Soft fans probably have plenty of reasons to be happy over the next couple of years.

– Imran Khan (@imranzomg) 4 juin 2020

I’m not going to comment on anything specific about the Bloodborne PC rumors, but it’s worth saying that From Software fans probably have plenty of reasons to be happy over the next couple of years.

In another response to this tweet, Khan adds that « What people think will happen in 2020 may not happen in 2020, or even be taught in 2020 ». You may already be talking about it Bloodborne, Elden Ring, or whatever really.

Basically what we have is a collection of statements that otherwise wouldn’t tell us much, but as almost all of them come from relevant industry figures and reliable information records, they have our attention. If only to speculate. And the final part (for now) of this entire roller coaster is still missing.

Everything we think we know about the Bloodborne PC version

One last clue

We return to Casey Explosion, who continued her chain of tweets this morning. This time he makes sure that Bloodborne It will not only be released on PC, but it will also be released on PS5. Of course, Miyazaki’s work will surely be playable on the new Sony machine thanks to backward compatibility (this has yet to be confirmed, but this is one of Sony’s most important exclusives, so it wouldn’t be surprising). However, the streamer talks about a remastered version for PS5 and PC.

In fact, this remaster was reportedly announced during the PS5 presentation event which was to take place yesterday, Thursday June 4th. Yes, the one that Sony has decided to postpone to show its solidarity with the Black Lives Matter protests against the police and racist violence. At the moment, we still don’t have a new date for this.

Hello new subscribers.

So about that Bloodborne PC port. You would have heard about it today anyway, as far as I know it was to be announced during the now delayed PS5 event scheduled for today.

– SlothBorne (@CaseyExplosion) June 5, 2020

Hello, new subscribers. As for this Bloodborne PC port, you would have heard about it today anyway, as far as I know it was going to be announced during the PS5 event scheduled for today, which was ultimately delayed.

Casey Explosion insists that From Software is not the medium, but a study that he claims to know very well. A company « In which I have a lot of faith, judging by the other games they have worn ». Would it be QLOC, as we mentioned earlier? They are the ones who also did the Hellblade to Switch conversion, in addition to working on the recent Aftermath DLC for Mortal Kombat 11.

This is where the clues go. Again, grab it all with tweezers. There have been no credible leaks in the form of databases, store listings, etc. Just statements, many statements. If all of this is true, it’s likely we’ll see it in the next PS5 event when it gets a date again. Otherwise, we will stay with desire. What do you think?

Source: Gadgetsnow

Everything we think we know about the Bloodborne PC version