We expected many news at the LG event within CES 2021, but not that there was a wink like that already at the beginning of it. In fact, it has been so, so brief that it was easy to miss the future mobile “rollable” prepared by LG and which has served to give the foot to its first speaker.

As we have previously mentioned, this year’s edition of CES is entirely virtual and each manufacturer has prepared their event in video format. And in the LG an animation at the beginning put us inside it through an animation in which a user unrolled a screen, as is.

The supposed “LG Rollable”

LG has said verbatim that in today’s event they have shown “the first images of the roll-up smartphone project”, officially giving it the name of LG Rollable. The only clip in which we see it is the following that we show you below (and yes, it is a couple of seconds);

Something that fits with what has been rumored so far regarding this LG project, which would go hand in hand with another mobile called LG Rainbow, although the latter would be the successor to the LG Velvet (a standard mobile). Something that they already anticipated at the end of the presentation of the LG Wing, their rotating screen mobile also inside the Project Explorer (like the Rollable).

Speaking of what we think we know about the LG Rollable, it will be a format similar to the one we saw from TCL and the OPPO X 2021, that is, a kind of extendable screen (or rollable, when we make it small).

Apparently, the LG Rollable in its more smartphone format would show a 6.8-inch diagonal panel, while when stretching it we would see a 7.4 inch. That is, it would act as a small tablet at the user’s will.

According to ET News, LG would have carried out these tests at the end of December or the beginning of January 2021. Based on the results of the tests, the brand would propose a launch date, which according to the leaks will be presented around March 2021, so maybe in a few months we will have an appointment to be taught it better and more in detail (and, above all, more time).

everything we think we know about the LG Rollable