Everything you can know about the second season of The Witcher series.

Netflix had already ordered the next season before the release of the first season of the Vaják series, and we have now gathered for you what we currently know about continuing Geralt’s adventure.

Geralt from Rívia is just at the height of its notoriety, as both the CD Project Red games and Netflix’s recently released Vaják series are of general interest. The streaming platform was very confident in the success of the monster hunter’s story, so the second season of the series was set up even before the premiere, which proved to be a good decision in retrospect. For now, only half-sentences dropped in statements can shape before our spiritual eyes what the next season will look like, and we have now tried to gather for you what you need to know about the continuation of the series marked by the name of Henry Cavill.

Everything you can know about the second season of The Witcher series

Who will return in The Witcher Season Two?

By the time we’re at Cavill, she’s sure to take on the Mockery of the Vajas again, alongside the other two protagonists, Mother Cahlotra, who plays Yennefer, and Freya Allan, who plays Cirit. Based on the Vaják books, it is very likely that Kökörcsin will also show up, and then in later seasons, as the big-mouthed ax is not unaware that he would resign from Geralt’s company for some insults.

Of course, we don’t want to shoot bigger spoilers for those who haven’t read the books (which in turn we recommend far and wide) and want the series to surprise them, so all we’re saying is that game lovers can see quite a few familiar faces even in the coming seasons. One such example could be Vesemir, who could even be played by Mark Hamill; that would be by far the best thing that ever came out of a Twitter joke.

Everything you can know about the second season of The Witcher series

How does The Witcher’s story continue?

The show’s runner-up, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, said the first season essentially laid the groundwork on which they would build next. Since the episodes still available rely on Andrzej Sapkowski’s two volumes of short stories, The Sword of Doom and The Last Wish, it’s no surprise that the parts are only loosely connected, and in Geralt’s case we even got separate stories. From now on, this will change as we move on to the plot of the novel stream following the short stories; this confirms Hissrich’s statement that they will focus much more on the story in the following.

Having already got to know our main characters, we can finally get lost in what has always been the strength of the Vajas: in the story, in the interactions between the characters, in the ingeniously crafted dialogues, in a world filled with gray characters and human mortality. Personally, I really hope that a little more dialogue will be taken from the books next season, as these, supported by the shaping of the Cavillas, would result in an unforgettable series.

Everything you can know about the second season of The Witcher series

There is still plenty of raw material for us to discover, as so far we have only tangentially encountered Nilfgaard’s conquest campaign, the political games of the Northern Kingdoms, the intrigues of the Wizarding Council and the inter-racial ethnic conflicts, not to mention watching monster hunts at any time. , as they were also outstanding in the first season. So it’s all about having the scriptwriters unfold a really complex thread of story in front of us, hoping that they’ll even be able to jump the bar they set up themselves.

When can the second season of the Vajas series start?

After the success of the first season, the road is definitely free before the sequel, but filming can start in the spring of 2020 at the earliest. As mentioned earlier, there is even a selection of actors in front of the creators to find the most suitable actor for each iconic role, but the writing process also consumes a lot of time before they can embark on the actual filming. For now, it’s not even certain where the next season is going; it is also possible that the staff will return to Hungary, we will probably hear more about this in a few months.

Everything you can know about the second season of The Witcher series

News of the work is likely to trickle in soon, but before the end of 2020, it is not worth expecting that even a preliminary for the next season will arrive. The premiere of The Witcher’s second season is therefore expected to be the beginning of 2021, even according to the most optimistic estimates, which of course can be complicated by a thousand and one more factors.

If you don’t win the wait, you can join the crowded camp of people who want to alleviate the excruciating torment of scarcity with video games, but the books have also been given a new edition of the series, and we can only encourage everyone to read them.