The mad ARMS says he is present for the second time in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and if we had ever seen Spring Man appear as an assistant, now he’s the charismatic My my who goes into the ring as a fighter. A double responsibility, by the way, since the young woman with the extendable arms leads the second and final Fighters Pass.

A young fighter passionate about fried noodles who integrates the biggest crossover in video game history Maintain the ARMS fighting style, and that’s essential: Min Min has a big advantage over long distances and long shots, two key elements of the saga Super Smash Bros. capable of making a difference.

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Why Min Min and no Ribbon Girl, Ninjara or also popular Twintelle? On the one hand, because it was an express request from Kosuke yabuki, the producer of BRAS. Of course, Masahiro Sakurai, the maximum responsible for the saga Smash Bros, I already had it from my point of view.

This does not detract from the fact that the combination of fighting styles of the BRAS and Smash Bros. it was a challenge: Min Min will have a clear advantage over heavy enemiesBut you will have to be very careful when extending your shots compared to ones that work very well in the air or are lighter than normal.

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Who is Min Min and how to play with her in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

In BRAS, Min Min is presented to us as the queen of fried noodles and that’s a lot of praise: the young woman of only 18 is the standard bearer of the famous family restaurant Nintendo noodles. To put it in perspective, in a way, she is considered an exceptional member of the noodle royalty.

Min Min is one of the most beloved and popular characters in BRAS and one of the most recognizable faces in the Nintendo fighting saga. Although it is, with Ribbon girl, one of the smallest heroes in the game at 167cm tall, he has mobility and a repertoire of kicks that makes him very dangerous and versatile. And at the same time, the perfect candidate for Smash.

Like the other characters in BRAS, Min Min is characterized by his ability to generously stretch his arms as if they were springs, to which must be added the possibility of alternating between different types of fists with unique events during deployment.

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Of course, one of the most characteristic aspects of this noodle enthusiast is his ability to strike. Three key elements that together define their role Super Smash Bros.Ultimate.

Screenshot 973

So, and as in BRAS, Min Min will have a dedicated button for each arm:

  • With the Punch button (A) pressed, he will strike from a distance with his left arm.
  • Using the Smash Attack button (B) you will be using your right arm, which is slightly more powerful and has a bit more range.

Now if we press Punch (A) normally, we can hit at normal distance. And if we press repeatedly, we will also do a flurry of Chun-Li style kung fu kicking, Street fighter.

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Min Min’s long-range strike style allows us to move and even jump while one of his attacks is in progress, allowing us to play without a clue. Moreover, even we can give a curved effect to the punches with a little skill.

Min Min’s fighting style: how to take advantage of his stretchy punches

Screenshot 971

In this way, and following the trend of BRAS, we can hit with both fists in the same direction as we move or strike in two different directions at the same time, each separately, depending on what interests us. Freely combine strikes and attacks or perform consecutive strikes. Also, if we press both buttons at the same time, we will perform a ranged grab which will improve our normal attack.

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Min Min does not perform Smash attacks the same way other fighters do Super Smash Bros.It does have a skill (Smash Attack (B) Down), however, which allows you to switch between three variations of punches and strike styles on the fly.

  • L’igniokram It’s a huge ring that unfolds at high speed and even separates from the arm for a moment as if it were a boomerang. Perfect for keeping enemies off the edge, although its power is low.
  • MegawattOn the contrary, it is a huge bullet capable of inflicting great damage. This is the slowest of Min Min’s three fists and doesn’t go that far, but if we charge it enough we can knock out an enemy that has taken 46% or more damage in one hit.
  • The Dragon This is the same type of fist as the traditional punch (A) and by equipping it we will have an attack style halfway between the igniokram and the megawatt. To which must be added the possibility of launching a laser in different directions.
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One of the most interesting things about Min Min is that his mobility and the use of his extendable arms go hand in hand, so that we can propel ourselves upwards quickly with some invulnerability and even hang on ledges at certain distances. . .

Screenshot 970

Finally, this fun fighter’s Final Smash is a sequence in which all the characters from BRAS They participate, promoting a veritable rain of blows which is doomed by a colossal thunderbolt from Min Min.

Additional stage and musical themes: Muelle stadium

Screenshot 976

All of Super Smash Bros. post-launch fighters include a themed stage, and Min Min will be no exception. In this case, it is the Dock Stadium, a battlefield whose main feature is the elastic springs near the edges.

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Muelle stadium platforms They’ll give us a movement advantage and even improve our attacks in the air, but they’re not the only thing to consider as we push ourselves: the upper arches are perfect for continuing the combos (or limiting the mobility) of the rest of the fighters, being able to bounce back in them. And if we are thrown, they will even save us from fear.

Also, how in the Switch game, Drones ARMS They will give their point of color by carrying all kinds of objects. However, and in the same way as in the Nintendo game, we have to take them down before we claim what they are wearing.

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Interesting detail, at the Muelle stadium we will see several screens in which the fighters of BRAS, a tribute and at the same time a great detail for fans of the game.

Screenshot 975

In addition, the arrival of Min Min for Super Smash Bros.Ultimate will involve adding nothing less than 18 musical themes (including two remixed versions) of ARM, giving additional value to the whole.

Min Min Availability and price

Screenshot 974

My my, the fighter of BRAS and first character of Fighters Pass Vol.2 will be added to Super Smash Bros.Ultimate following June 30th It can be purchased individually with the Aspirant Pack 6: Min Min (worth 5.99 euros).

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The contents of the pack include, in addition to the fighter, the new scene and music themes of ARM, as well as a route for Min Min in Smash Arcade mode and an additional dashboard inspired by ARM.


As an alternative, we will also receive Min Min and the rest of the new ARMS content, along with five fighters to be announced and their corresponding musical scenes and themes, when we receive the Fighters Pass Vol. 2, which is valued at 29.99 euros and includes also a Mii swordsman costume based on the old kit from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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New Mii wrestler costumes are on the way

As tradition dictates, the presentation of each new fighter Super Smash Bros.Ultimate It comes with a whole new bundle of skins for Mii fighters including some video game stars and some really standout personalities.

The new Mii costume bundle includes:

  • Ninjala (ARMS) for the Mii Karateka. Ninjala is another of the most popular characters from BRAS and Sakurai himself regarded him as a fighter for Smash Bros. The good news is that, thanks to the Mii fighter, he will be present in the game.
  • Heihachi (Tekken) for the Mii Karateka. By far the most iconic and representative character of the Bandai Namco combat saga. His mustache, hairstyle and that ostentatious tiger on his back make him totally recognizable.
  • Mar and Tina (Splatoon) for the Mii Karateka and the Shooter respectively. The hilarious Calamarciñas of Splatoon They burst with their striking costumes and the added charisma that characterizes them.
  • Vault Boy (Fallout) for the Mii Shooter, it’s a big surprise. The Fallout series icon and personality of Bethesda sneak into Smash with a costume that, despite sharing moves with the Mii Shooter, looks like a complete fighter.
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All new Mii wrestler costumes can be purchased June 30, 2020 (same day of departure Min Min) individually for 0.80 euros / suit. And, as we always remember, the bundle is not part of Fighter Pass Vol. 2.

Spirit Mode Updates Are Coming

Screenshot 981

Finally, Super Smash Bros. You will receive an interesting novelty: from Spirits mode we will be able to face the Spirits that we have already captured. The process is as easy as going to our collection, selecting the character, and from there, pressing the (X) or (+) button on the remote.

This novelty was presented as revenge and is particularly interesting because:

  • On the one hand, it will allow us to see the renewed aspect of the Spirits who are now fighters or Mii costumes.
  • In addition, they will allow us to earn PE (Spirit Points) in proportion to the difficulty necessary to overcome them.
  • Finally, we will see an onscreen score that will increase as we again defeat the Spirits in Possession.
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A brilliant way to further increase replayability a game with an increasingly overwhelming amount of personalities and content.

The Amiibos return at the end of the year with Joker and the hero of Dragon Quest

Finally, Sakurai has officially confirmed that the Amiibo line will be available this year. Super Smash Bros. based on the first The fighters pass., with the characters of Joker and the hero of Dragon Quest XI.



Both figures are expected to be available in the fall of this year. Will we know by then the next fighter to join? Super Smash Bros.? Even Sakurai himself didn’t follow it, but we’re sure presenting it will be an experience again.

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