Everything you need to know about the Gulag in Call of Duty: Mobile

A new card is released in Call of Duty: Mobile to mark the arrival of the seventh season of one of the most downloaded games of recent years. The new limited-time event: Gun battle in the Gulag is a 2v2 tactical mode that takes place in the iconic Gulag of Call of Duty: Warzone and is now coming to Call of Duty: Mobile.

It’s a small card in which precision is everythingIn addition, working side by side with your partner brings victory closer. The Goulag is a small symmetrical map which presents three main vertical routes which offer a clear view. The rows of sinks and showers between the rails provide coverage and visual obstruction. This direct conception of the Gulag does not necessarily mean that the fighting is also simple. The sinks and showers are large enough and close enough that you can quickly lose sight of your enemies.

In this game mode, all players receive the same charge, composed of a main weapon and a secondary weaponas well as lethal and tactical equipment. All weapon classes are on the map, from assault rifles to sniper rifles as the primary weapon, to pistols and launchers as the secondary weapon. The load changes every two turns. Win a round you must eliminate the enemy team or capture the objective of overtime. If neither team reaches the overtime goal, victory goes to the healthiest team. The first team to win six rounds wins the match.

Welcome to the Gulag, soldier. I hope you’re ready for the fight, because there are only two ways to get out of here.

The best advice for the Gulag

Activision wanted to share with all of us 5 tips In order to emerge victorious from the Gulag, the new Call of Duty: Mobile card:

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  • Use all your tools. When you receive a sniper rifle, switch to the pistol and run forward for a close range attack; use your smoke grenades to confuse and disorient; throw a grenade to shoot an enemy.
  • Overtime supervision. Consider using the target as overtime bait, especially if you are healthier than the other. The enemy will have to take it if they want victory, and you will be ready to shoot when it gets there.
  • Keep calm. Even when you have multiple rounds, there is always a chance of winning again. Take it turn-by-turn and don’t be frustrated. An overconfident enemy often becomes a predictable enemy. Stay calm, fight and shoot them down.
  • Resists recharging. We are all guilty, by firing a few bullets and then reloading when there is still a lot in the room. Resist this temptation. Gulag is a small card and getting caught recharging puts you at a very disadvantage. And if you really need ammo, consider switching to your secondary weapon.
  • Make a new friend. Communication is very important in 2v2, especially in the Gulag, where enemies can quickly disappear from view. If you find a good teammate, send him an invitation to a friend and join us for more games. Your win rate will skyrocket and you might even make a new friend in the process.

Source : ipadizate.es