EVO organization apologizes and denies Snake’s appearance in Tekken 7

Just before the Tekken 7 finals at this weekend’s EVO, a video of the Metal Gear Solid codec was suddenly shown in which Snake’s voice could be heard. Of course, many believed that it was an official announcement, and that the protagonist of the popular franchise would join the game’s roster.

Unfortunately it was only a joke prepared by EVO, who apologized through Twitter after seeing that things had gotten a bit out of hand.

Just to clear things up, the Snake cameo video that we showed during Tekken finals was our idea of ​​a little joke. It was not intended to imply a character reveal, and was done on our own, without consulting Bandai Namco. Sorry for any confusion!

– EVO (@EVO) August 5, 2019 Manage cookie settings

In the video, which was only shown to attendees and did not appear on the official stream, Snake can be heard saying, “That was a good Tekken” to the game’s producer, Katsuhiro Harada.

Logically, the reaction of those present was surprising, as you can see below:

But Bandai Namco did make an official announcement: Zafina will return to the game with Season Pass 3 alongside a new character, Leroy Smith, arriving this winter.

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