Today we want to talk to you about an Italian project created by the guys of Virtual Craft Studio and officially available on Steam. Exit Limbo: Opening is a scrolling fighting game that focuses decisively on a super adrenaline-pumping game formula, on deeply old school inspirations but also on the desire to vary the classic game formula of the genre.

Here is the official description of Exit Limbo: Opening:

Mr Rhino, the sole survivor of a train accident, wakes up in what appears to be a dystopian parallel universe that is a scary, infected version of his hometown. And so begins the first chapter of his journey in Exit Limbo.

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Experience a relentless and violent adventure as you fight to survive. Literally dismember your enemies and witness the growth of Mr Rhino and his strength as he tries to understand the world around him.

Exit limbo pays homage to old-school scrolling fighting games and evolves the formula with a spectacular combat system and a non-linear world to explore. Meet memorable characters, discover a unique visual art style and listen to a mesmerizing soundtrack as you struggle to get out of Limbo.

Are you curious? Take a look at the Steam page of the title where you can also find a free demo to try it for yourself.

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Source : Reddit