Expectations, observations and hopes for FINAL FANTASY XV.

Final Fantasy XV is one of those Great titles expected for the new generation of consoles, and has shown a lot of information throughout its announcement at E3 2013, until today. That is why a lot of information has been scattered and not many people have been able to follow this title correctly. But no problem, you’re in the right place to see what this new action RPG title developed by SQUARE ENIX aspires to.

What can we expect from this title?


One of the things that we can expect from FFXV mainly is the world, without a doubt it will be a world full of impressive and varied places, from jungles to deserts, big cities, and all kinds of landscapes. And it is that the game is structured in several connected regions. But the game will not be an open world, but we will be advancing throughout the multiple regions as the story progresses. But nothing will prevent us from returning to regions already visited to complete pending things. And once the story is complete, it would be completely open to return to all the places already discovered, as usual in the FF saga. The cycle of day and night, dynamic time; like rains, storms, cloudy days, will also be important in this game.

Expectations, observations and hopes for FINAL FANTASY XV

New characters to meet

Another great asset of FFXV is its number of characters. Needless to say, everyone has their own mission and role in the story.

And of course, new villains

I think there are plenty of explanations, this will be one of the Final Fantasy with more enemies and villains, we can be sure of that. How will they mess it up this time in history?

Expectations, observations and hopes for FINAL FANTASY XV

Don’t miss out on creatures and summons!

MONSTERS everywhere! Fast, slow, intelligent, clumsy, titanic, tiny with secret abilities, others meeker living their lives in peace, others hunting to eat. And it is that the life and fauna of FFxv is going to offer diversity for a while, for tens, or hundreds of hours of unique combats, which require using strategies and weapons in a different way, to adapt to the enemy we face. Because it is not the same to use a short-range weapon when you are surrounded by small enemies, than a long-range weapon that can hit several at once.

There are monsters that appear only during the day and others only at night, and with the latter you have to be especially careful, they are much more dangerous.

Expectations, observations and hopes for FINAL FANTASY XV

Mythology and Lore cannot be missing in a Final fantasy

Another thing that this game will undoubtedly have, will be its enormous lore, dedicated to the mythology and deities of the world; where each region/country will worship a different deity. In this game, mythology is really important for the development of the story and it is strongly linked to the Archeans, the colossal invocations of this new FF; that only a few characters have the gift to ask for his help, one of them being the protagonist, Noctis.


Buy items for the battle in self-service stores, mobile trading posts along the entire journey, flea markets in cities. Buy food to cook later in the camps. Rest from the fighting, in hotels in the cities, shacks or rental caravans offered by this game.

Expectations, observations and hopes for FINAL FANTASY XV

Travel through the wildest and most inaccessible terrains with the chocobos, and on the road with regalia; the car that the king of Lucis gives to his son and protagonist of the story, Noctis. Or just travel on foot if that’s what you want.

Use vehicles like trains or railways; to reach new places in history. Fly over the skies in a flying boat, and discover places that would be impossible to reach on foot.

Participate in fishing minigames, chocobo races, etc.

Expectations, observations and hopes for FINAL FANTASY XV

Collect experience gained during the day at camps or rest points; to level up and strengthen new combat techniques. Use the food you’ve bought on your journey and the fish you’ve caught to prepare food, which provides status benefits for combat; as more resistance or ability to do more damage to rivals.

Explore the regions, find the weapons of the ancient kings that will grant new powers for combat. Locate new places and interesting points on the map, or dungeons and caves full of dangerous creatures, with hidden secrets waiting deep inside.

Noctis is a character who has the power of royalty and the gift of the Lucís crystal, so he can use multiple different weapons and materialize them whenever he wants in the middle of combat: short swords, long swords, revolvers, assault submachine guns, spears, glaives, daggers, axes, boomerangs with blades, Shields and many other rare weapons. Without a doubt, Noctis is versatile in combat.

Expectations, observations and hopes for FINAL FANTASY XV

Allied Interaction: Allies will help you perform combo attacks, save your skin when an opponent catches you, fight your way through many enemies, causing them debuffs, or cast heals on you to recover health.

Monster parkour: In ffxv there is a system to pass enemies in multiple ways, such as jumping on them by leaning on the monster itself.

Powerful magic: as in any ff, in this one you cannot miss all kinds of magic.

The parries, or counter attacks: which will allow us to counterattack enemy blows with amazing movements.

Expectations, observations and hopes for FINAL FANTASY XV

Use battle items: potions or antidotes as well as throw elemental bombs.

Combat techniques and variation of combos depending on the position of the joystick in full attack and different types of evasions and blocks.

Interaction with the scenarios: if you use magic, the scenarios can be damaged, burned, etc.

Expectations, observations and hopes for FINAL FANTASY XV

Break parts of enemies: like horns, pieces of armor and others.

Summon powerful deities called Archeans, to tear enemies apart.


Without a doubt, FFXV will be a journey full of all kinds of sensations: decisive fights, emotional moments, moments of rage and thirst for revenge. That all added to a lively and varied world, many new villains and new pjs to meet on the trip, could be one of the greatest experiences for all RPG lovers, even for those who have never played any FF, and want start with this title. But like everything, until it is released, we will not know how the story will be and what kind of unique moments it holds for us.


Perhaps to many if I just say “yoko shimomura”, you stay the same as you are, but if I tell you, that she is the creator of the soundtrack of the Kingdom Hearts saga, it might sound like more of something to you. And indeed, she will be the one to compose the magnificent soundtrack of this game. If you still don’t know where the shots are going, what better way to put words aside and show it to your ears.

I could tell you a lot more about this game, but I don’t want to make it too long. Just my hope that this will help someone and wish you all happy 2016 and good games. Until another, people of SamaGame! Here I say goodbye.