F1 Manager 2022 coming this summer for Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

Frontier Developments has announced F1 Manager 2022. The first full-fledged F1 management game in over 20 years comes this summer for Windows (Steam), Xbox One, Series X | S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

F1 Manager 2022

F1 Manager 2022 is created by the developer of other popular and proven management games including Planet Coaster, Planet Zoo and two Jurassic World Evolution games. Become the boss of one of the 10 teams, visit all official tracks, capture real drivers, discover the new Adrian Newey and expand your headquarters to become the next dominant force in the world of Formula 1.

An announcement trailer has also been published, which incidentally does not show any footage of F1 Manager 2022. We therefore have to make do with the words of the developer for the time being.

F1 Manager 2022 coming this summer for Xbox, PlayStation and PC

“Do you take charge of a top team and go straight for the win or do you manage a team lower in the ranking and lead them to a higher position? Keep the board happy by meeting seasonal and long-term goals. Support and develop your own drivers, or find and hire drivers from the official F1, F2 and F3 lineups. Build a team in your image, keep the books in order, make crucial decisions and forge an unforgettable legacy.”

“Your constructor’s team is the beating heart of racing. Between races, you control every facet of your team from HQ. Check the performance of your drivers and staff, keep your finances in order and look for the best drivers in the competition. Improve and maintain state-of-the-art facilities, such as a wind tunnel or a design center to see your team’s potential increase.”

F1 Manager 2022 coming this summer for Xbox, PlayStation and PC

“Take the bold new design of 2022 and race closer to your opponents than ever before. Design and assign new parts for your cars to prepare for the race ahead. Choose your technical approach to gain advantages on the upcoming circuits; do you develop a balanced system, do you focus on areas that need improvement, or do you excel in specific aspects of performance? Utilize advanced technology to fine-tune every component, unlock the full potential of your world-class racing machine and leave the competition in the dust.”

“From the extinguishing of the lights to the checkered flag, you’re in control. Make every decision – from driver decisions to pit strategies and tire choices. Use the driver’s feedback and the engineer’s insight to plan your approach, but be prepared to react to dynamic racing events, such as safety cars and weather changes. Immerse yourself in a hyper-realistic simulation of an official F1 race, in lifelike broadcast quality. Use key data to make crucial decisions that can make or break your race, always on the cutting edge between crushing defeat and glorious victory.”

F1 Manager 2022 coming this summer for Xbox, PlayStation and PC