For several years it has been rumored and talked about this unification that finally begins to occur. Facebook, which has three of the most popular messaging services in the world, has finally unified two of them: Messenger and Instagram Direct. The plan is to also integrate WhatsApp at some future point.

Facebook has given what can be the biggest step of all to date to merge their messaging platforms. Some users from today can send messages through Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct that will be synchronized between them. That is, the conversations will appear with the same messages in one app as in the other and it does not matter from which of them you send or read the messages.

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Instagram users can choose whether to update to this new functionality or not. When available, a message appears that explains what it is about and it is up to the user to update or not update for now. One can choose not to synchronize their messages between Instagram and Messenger, although it is not clear for how long, if Facebook has opted to create this unification sooner or later it will force all users to enter it.

This is all part of Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to have a unified platform as announced in 2019. Previously we have seen the odd threat to do so, although here are two important points that slow down the process. The first of them is the difficulty of integrating different platforms in its foundation, in this case WhatsApp compared to the other two. Hence, we have first seen the unification of Instagram and Messenger, since WhatsApp is not cross-platform. On the other hand, it remains to be seen what regulators in different countries think about having a single, gigantic messaging service.

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Stickers, custom emojis, chat colors and more

Apart from this integration and synchronization between both services, Instagram and Messenger have also received or will receive new features. Starting with Messenger, the app can add stickers to conversations, allow you to watch videos with someone at the same time during a video call or send messages that self-destruct after having read them.


In the case of Instagram you can customize the color of conversations as in Messenger. Also react to messages with emojis in the way that Messenger does or if you prefer directly reply to specific messages. On the other hand, you can send a message with animated effects. Finally there are improvements in privacy to choose who can and who can not send you messages, as well as changes to improve the management of blocked accounts

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Facebook says these changes are being implemented at the moment only for some users and from some countries. They hope that soon they can expand it to all users globally. We will see when it arrives and especially when the WhatsApp integration arrives. At the moment they are testing the possibility of being multiplatform, which would be a first step.

Source : Engadget