Just yesterday we spoke to Applesfera about the new dispute between Facebook and Apple regarding the arrival of iOS 14, the system update for Bitten Apple mobile devices that will bring a series of privacy changes that will jeopardize personalized advertising activity of Mark Zuckerberg’s company.

Facebook returned with new content to continue with the rifirrafe, and told London-based famous Reuters news agency that Apple had blocked an update to the social media app that informs users of your 30% commission.

Facebook: “we need to help people understand where the money they invest in small businesses is really going”

Update the Facebook Ios Android app

Screenshots of Facebook for iOS and Android showing two different prompts. On the iPhone, Facebook warns against the 30% commission, and on Android, it confirms that the social network does not take any percentage for the acquisition of the service.

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Facebook added during the months of confinement to its application of the famous social network of the Facebook a new function that allows buy online services, such as cooking lessons, so that companies that have had to close their doors can reinvent themselves in a certain way. He also comments that the company does not receive any percentage of the transaction.

It seems, Facebook reportedly asked Apple to forgive the commission that applies to the purchase of digital services in this case, to help small businesses or to enable the use of Facebook Pay as a payment alternative. Apple reportedly rejected both proposals.

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Today, more than ever, we should have the opportunity to help people understand where the money they invest in small business is really going. Unfortunately, Apple rejected our go-through notice for its 30% commission, but we’re still working to make this information visible in the app.

Facebook intended to release a software update to its app it was displayed in, when purchasing a service online, that “Apple is taking 30% of this purchase.” However, Apple rejected it because guides say it displays “irrelevant” content to users.

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In the image that the social network has shared, you can see a montage of the version for devices with Android operating system and the message is quite different: “Facebook does not take any commission on this purchase.” However, this message does not appear at the moment.